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I•A•M Compass

an iChing Chakra Energy Oracle system

The I•A•M Compass is a Chakra energy iChing of 64 powerful and beautiful energy mandalas and healing affirmations.
You can learn how to live in alignment in every moment, the I•A•M Compass is a tool to help you live the life your were born to live.

Awakening your Intuitive Intelligence, Healing your Chakras, and Empowering your life is easy when you are in alignment.

Beautiful High Resolution Mandalas, Healing Energy, and Positive Affirmations right on your mobile device!

Works on phones and tablets. Choose your flavor below.

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Abundance, Healing, Synchronicity, Thrive


The Crystal Compass is a tool that can help you get in alignment with the power of who you really are. We all get off track, forget who we are, get confused by life's challenging situations, and need someone or something to help us see the light. Our power is a state of inspired confidence, joy, freedom, bliss, and love. When we activate our inner healer we regain the access to this power within ourselves. The Crystal Compass is a guidance system to help you get back into alignment so you can live your life in freedom and love.

TRANSFORMING your ENERGY has never been so easy

No matter what situation you are facing in your life, the Crystal Compass can help you to activate your own inner healer so you can get into alignment again.
The 64 activations of the Crystal Compass are powerful energy healing guides to help you transform your life.


Energy healing can take a lot of time and money. Sometimes you just want to clear your energy and get back into alignment, right now.
The Crystal Compass is the perfect tool for activating the energies that you need to heal in each moment, so you can be the best you that you can be.


The Crystal Compass contains 64 unique sacred geometry mandalas that are created using photographs of sunlight and river ice in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The system is composed of the ancient and powerful wisdom of the iChing in simple and direct keywords and healing activations.

The healing energy of the activations serve as catalysts to help you activate your inner healer and transform your life.

"You've done a fantastic job, very powerful readings and so beautifully executed. Its a pleasure to use thank you!" Elijah P - GeneKeys.net

"I just did a really powerful reading with the website, this ROCKS.... I love it for so many reasons. Super blessed thanks for creating it."
Lunaya S

"I just want you to know how much your Crystal Compass Cards are helping a friend of ours to whom we gave a set."
Patty G

"Very powerful medicine. I love the crystal compass and also use it in our woman's wisdom circle. At the beginning of our meeting we will use the compass as a centering thought. Thank you for giving us this tool."  Jen M