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If I told you that you could have the power to change the entire universe, would you be interested? The amazing thing is that you already are this power, but most of us are not aware of it, nor do we know how to use it. The problem is that this power is so simple that it is so easily overlooked. Not to mention that since most of the world is not aware of its potential, we are not taught that is is important or that it is impossible.

This power is not a power over the world, it is a power with the world, and for the world. This power is in fact always creating the life you are experiencing, whether it be negative or empowered possibilities in your life. This power is simply what is true for you each moment. You can feel it.

Some would call this following your bliss, but it is much more than that. You see truth is a vibration, a feeling, a frequency of being. It is an inner knowing of what is needed right now in this moment. It’s the thing that makes you feel more alive than anything else. It is not something you can nail down and say this is truth, for truth is always changing, always in flow, always in response to what is here right now. Truth is the wisdom and desire of your soul – and the world around you – which is the same thing.

I began working with the iChing in 2000. Back then I didn’t really believe that some book could contain wisdom that would be helpful in my life. But immediately, and more so as I used it, I was blown away by the profound wisdom I found in this book. Not only that it was wisdom, but it was always the perfect thing I needed to hear or realize. It began to change my experience of reality. I began to discover guidance. This guidance was always an inner feeling or knowing of what to do, the best part was that it was always exciting, it always felt good, it was always leading to more amazing experiences in my life.

Over time, what I began to realize was that when I took action in my life based on the truth that I felt inside, that the world outside seemed to respond to that. I began to shift into this flow with life where everything became synchronous and magical. The iChing was always right, and when I found my truth based on its wisdom, life would open up and magic would flow. I had found my power.

This power is such an amazing potential. When we are struggling in life, trying to force things to happen, we are not in our power. We are trying, with our minds, to force the world to be how we want it. When we access our truth – looking at the world from this higher perspective – we open to a much more profound way of being in the world. This truth is an energy, a feeling of aliveness, an excitement that runs in our bones. Our truth is guidance from our higher self. When we are thinking thoughts, feeling feelings, and taking action based on what is really true for us our whole being is in alignment with our highest self. We feel excited, amazing, and full of love. This state of alignment is a power that moves mountains in the world. Reality shifts and moves in flow with a harmony of being. We are one with the flow of the universe. We are empowered cocreators in the holographic reality of creation. Life responds to our vibration. When we are in alignment with our highest self, our vibration is more powerful beacon. We become magnets for our true destiny and purpose in life. We become the power of what we really are – fully alive, empowered, soulful, human beings.

This is the gift hidden within you. The Crystal Compass is a tool which can help you to find this power within yourself. It never tells you want to do, it points you back into your truth, which is your power. Do you feel it? Its alive in your right now. Learn to amplify it and follow its guidance in every choice you make in life. Find this fully alive potential that you are. Then share what you find with others. This is the magic of what we live here together.

Love and blessings to all of you,

Dustin eli

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