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Energy Healing comes in many forms, but at the root it is all about coming into alignment with our power. Alignment is simply being the truth of who you are. We are soul and we are flesh, and when these two are working in total harmony, there is a third energy of consciousness that is allowed to be expressed and experience in our life. This is a state of being in alignment with our higher self. When we are in alignment we feel whole and complete, fully immersed in the now. We are in full awareness of our thoughts and feelings and know exactly which action to take in each moment. Alignment is an experience of flow and grace in all aspects of our lives.

There are two types of alignment: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal is the material expression of our soul and the vertical is our spiritual essence. Horizontal alignment is expressed through the four aspects of self or ways of consciousness. These are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We express our soul energy through our body, our emotions and relationships, thoughts and actions, and our spiritual nature. This is horizontal expression.

To come into horizontal alignment we need to clear out the toxicity and dysfunction in our body, relationships, work, and our relationship to the divine. The foods we eat, the time in nature, forgiveness, intimacy, thoughts, work, creativity, meditation, energy, and sacredness and so much more all effect our ability to be in horizontal alignment. And all of these things are indicatations of whether we are in alignment or not. Physical health, relationship issues, or money problems are stem from being out alignment with our truth. Working to bring our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies back into alignment brings us back into the vitality of our power and potential, reconnecting us with our soul purpose and power.

Vertical alignment involves bringing the three power centers of mind, body, and heart into alignment. We cannot be God if we are only in the mind or only in the heart or body. This trinity of consciousness must all be in unison in a balanced flow for our energy to be aligned. When they unite it releases an unlimited flow of power, creativity, potential, and bliss into our lives. Vertical alignment allows the real power of soul energy to be expressed through the four ways of consciousness. Vertical alignment is achieved when are centered in our heart and connected with the heavens above and the earth below. This union of heaven and earth within the heart opens a portal of blissful healing energy which pours down from the heavens and rises up from the earth. It is a unification of the polarities of consciousness and this fills us with divine love and light. When we are able to achieve vertical alignment and become infused with the energy of divine love and then express that in our lives through the four ways of horizontal alignment is when we become true masters in the world, in service to all of life, and we are truly giving the gift of who we are.

When we lose vertical alignment, we feel as if something is missing because there is now a lack in our energy field. If we are searching for something to fill the void that is missing, we shift our vertical energy into a horizontal need, sure that something out there is to blame for what we feel or something out there will fill us. What is actually needed is to focus within to balance our vertical energy within the heart uniting heaven and earth so we feel whole again. No external thing can ever bring us fulfillment. When we expand into vertical alignment we access the power of our I am presence. No longer in a space of separation and need we gain access to the real power of what we are, the I am. As the I am we are the the expression of our genius and life flows in syncronicity and magic.

Uniting the energies of vertical and horizontal we become vehicles of divine love blessing the world with our very being. The issues in our life disappear. Everything we need arrives in perfect timing. Live flows in simplicity and grace. Love is what we are and what we experience in every moment of life. We are living our true power and purpose.

If you are struggling. Seek to find alignment first and see what transforms in your life.

The Crystal Compass is a tool to help you get back into alignment. Each of the 64 activations is a specific frequency of energy that can help you get back into alignment and activate the power of who you are. You are a divine cocreative being who is one with the infinite power of the universe to create the life of your dreams. You are this power. Finding your alignment is the key to activation this realization and living this power in your life.

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