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The world of duality always operates in two states of being, everything always in opposition to something. Black/white. Yes/No. On/Off. It is the core functioning of the universe. But there is a third state which unifies the opposites and contains them both. It’s the trinity which awakens something new into the world.

Our consciousness operates in much the same way. Most people exist in either of two opposing vibrations of the shadow and the light. We flip flop from one state of being to another depending upon the circumstances of our life. They are both powerful energies that create our experience of life from different polarities.

When you are in the shadow you are in the fear frequency and operating in a state of lack. Your power is asserted by dominating others and the world around you to create a sense of security. You spend your time trying to fill the void with the things in the external world that you think will make you happy. They always leave you wanting more. It can be a very powerful vibration which rules the world with brute force.

When you are in the light you are in the love frequency and operating in a state of hope. Your power is asserted by creating a space of love and connection. You create your sense of security by keeping things light and joyful. You focus on creating what you want and pushing away the things you don’t. The love frequency becomes a problem when it tries to deny the existence of the dark or to purify the world in its righteousness.

Neither of these polarities of consciousness are complete within themselves and both become destructive forces within the world in different ways.

Our true power arises when we bring the shadow and the light into a unity within. This third power is a synthesis of self that only arises when we activate the energy of soul and consciousness into the equation. The spiritual essence of what we are is a power beyond the polarities of light and dark while also including them. Our power is a both-and state of being where we fully own the shadow and the light, allowing our true essence to shine within all things. This essence is the energy of our soul. This is the same source of cosmic energy which creates and infuses all of life. It is the essence of Divine Love which flows within us and as us when we are living our true self.

The activations of the Crystal Compass are working directly with these opposing energies and the universal third energy of our soul. This state of being also known as a Siddhi, or transcendental consciousness, is where our true power resides. When we ascend beyond the polarities we move into a new consciousness and reality where all of life is an interconnected dance of divine love and unlimited potential as conscious cocreators. We merge with the essence of who we are and everything is this essence.

We are still human however, and so easily do we slip back into the polarities of consciousness. This is why I created the Crystal Compass. It is a tool to help you reconnect with this true power of who you are. It can help you to shift your frequency out of the polarity and back into your power so you can truly be of service to life by being more of what you really are. It is a practice that you can engage in every time you notice that you are not in your power. Go to the Compass and ask for guidance to get you back into your power and see what happens.

Much love to all of you,


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