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Humanity is evolving into a new expression of being. Everyday more of us are waking up from the sleep that has kept our power hidden for a long time. In the old energy we have only been able to see the world from our problems and single separate sense of self. We have to fight and struggle to find happiness and stay alive in a world that is threatening. The amazing thing is that this is true as long as you live within a certain frequency of consciousness. What we don’t realize is that we have a choice about how we experience life and this involves a shift in consciousness to another state of being altogether. In the new energy we are intimately connected to all of life and empowered to experience any frequency of being we wish to embody. We live in a world of infinite love and energetic free choice and awareness. We are free from the limitations and patterns of the old energy self.

In the old energy there are only two states of the mind; consciousness and unconsciousness. These two states of awareness operate much like a computer with its set of programs. The unconscious mind is the set of applications that we have installed within our consciousness, they become deeply ingrained sets of beliefs which become the dominate way we experience life in each moment. We get these programs at birth, from our parents, community, and the larger cultural programs of the collective consciousness. We gather experiences over time that reinforce these beliefs and they become deeply ingrained responses to life.

The conscious mind is like an application that you open on the computer to do a particular task. It only knows what is happening right now and it knows how to respond based on the programming that it has been given. It does not have it own capacity to respond to external circumstances except for how it’s programmed to respond. If a new circumstance of energy is presented to the conscious mind that it does not understand the unconscious mind steps in and installs a program based on past experiences to let the conscious mind know how to respond to the event. This is the loop of karma and drama. To the human who is asleep this is all they know. Responding to the external world based on old programs that keep life running in the same patterns and nothing new ever really able to arise. For those of us with deep victim and drama programming this keeps a cycle of chaos and suffering showing up in out life over and over again. For those of us who are dominators, we take and take from life with no regards for how we are destroying the planet and hurting each other. If we do not know how to change our programming, life keeps presenting the same scenarios over and over again. It may be new faces and places but the same energy and drama keeps arriving in our life. When we shift into the new energy a third thing begins to arrive.

This looping of consciousness within the drama cycle of unconscious and conscious mind is the result of a split mind energetically. When we are able to bring the two halves of mind into a common whole a third stage of consciousness begins to arise. This state is the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind is the core awareness that is the power and energy of our soul. It is the power of the I am consciousness. The super consciousness is connected and aligned with the universe and infinitely empowered and creative. The super consciousness is not bound by any limitations of old programs or beliefs. The super consciousness is fully alive as a cocreative participant in the experience of reality. The super consciousness knows how to flow with the universe. The super consciousness is the thriving vitality of the new energy.

You see, when we access and become the super consciousness we are no longer constrained by the old set of programs and beliefs. We can begin to see the patterns and behaviors for what they are, old programs of the old energy. From this super consciousness state of mind we are able to stop old patterns from being engaged and can install new programs and beliefs into our unconscious mind. As we learn to access this super consciousness state of mind we begin reprograming our inner reality so it is in alignment with what we really want to experience in life. We step into the power and potential of being conscious creators of our reality rather than reactive slaves to the old energy paradigm.

The super consciousness opens the doorway into the open source universe. Reality is a holographic experience of frequencies, vibration, and energy, which is all relationship. All options are truly open to us in a universe of infinite potential. What becomes our guide, in this experience, is the aliveness and vitality of our soul. In the super consciousness state of being, when we think thoughts and feel feelings that are in alignment with our highest truth we are energetically inspired and infused with good feeling energy. We feel good. This internal aliveness becomes the standard of our frequency of experience. We no longer need unconscious or conscious programming to experience life. We shift into direct perception and cocreation with reality in the moment without a lens of perception distorting our experience. For this empowered place we seek to become more fully infused with the energy of our soul. In every moment that we open to this energy, our vibrational frequency rises. Our body fills with light, energy, and love. The presence of divine love descends within our experience. We shift ever more deeply into bliss, love, harmony, peace, joy, and whatever energies our unique expression is here to embody. The super consciousness takes us straight into our divine destiny when we follow the energy of our aliveness and passion.

In the open source universe our capacity as cocreators of reality operates on the energy of passion, gratitude, and love. We do not need to strive to achieve anything. We need to show up and be open vehicles of our highest expression. We move and operate in a flow that is in harmony with the universal flow of divine guidance and energy. We take action from this deeply rooted and empowered state of knowing. We are one with the universal flow. For all the universe is consciousness, energy, and relationship. As super consciousness beings we move out of the personal – I am alone – and into the – we are here together. All of life, a cocreative dance of infinite potential. In the open source universe all things become possible, we are never alone, love is all there is, and we are all god in human form. We see that our actions effect everything around us for all of life is a holographic reflection of our state of consciousness. We are no longer seeking to change the outer world for we know that our inner state of being is what rules reality. We realize that what we do to others we do to ourselves. We open the doors of infinite compassion and love for all of life because we are all of life. We fall ever more deeply into the passion and beauty of being alive in this amazing reality together.

The new energy is here. It is what we are. What will we create together when all the world is love?

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