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Hello Beloved Family,

Blessings to you on this beautiful solstice day. Such a gift it is to be alive in the magic of the darkness and the light. I thought I would share a Triune Alignment with you for this solstice energy season. The triune brings together the core energies of our consciousness into a unified experience of self. The polar energies of the mind (yang, electric, force, light - upper chakras) and body (yin, magnetic, field, dark - lower chakras ) are unified by the heart (the bridging consciousness - heart chakra) in the center of our being.

Let's take a look at the Triune energies we received from the iamCompass for this Solstice Alignment.

THE MIND : The upper chakras energy center in the neck, head and above


An essential key in living alignment is learning to unite the mind and the heart. This is a state of being that is scientifically known as heart coherence, for it can be measured with instruments. When our mind comes into resonance with the energy of our heart, our whole being relaxes and shifts back into a state of peace, power, and optimum performance. This is the Flow state. When we are in coherence we are in our maximum potential for growth and perfection. This clears out all of the fear energy from our field so we can express the true essence of who and what we are, no matter how we choose to express this. When we are calm, we are in our power. We are choosing how to best express our core intentions and life moves in a rhythm and flow with this power.

THE BODY : The lower chakra energy center in the belly hips, legs and base of spine


Once we are in Flow, now we can really bring who we are into the world. This clarity of being is our pure essence of freedom, joy, and bliss. We are free to be who we are and to express, choose, and create whatever arises in our core energy. The image is like young spring water fresh out of the mountain, pure, clear and untainted by the world. This is our inner core essence. We are this purity, this clarity, that is truly free when we keep ourselves in alignment in the united heart, mind, body, coherence, flow. We are awesome, being just who we are. Living for the joy and freedom that flows within us.

THE HEART : The inner core chakra energy in the center of the chest


Coming together in the heart of love celebrating the gift of being alive. The heart is our true home. It is the holy hearth, where we are always welcomed back with loving arms. When we bring the polar aspects of ourselves back into alignment with the energy of the heart, we return to this wholeness in the heart of love. Bringing the mind down into the heart. Bringing the body chakras up into the heart. We bridge heaven and earth, mind and body, spirit and matter. We activate this healing potential within ourselves and open an energy of endless love and compassion for all of life. We are home welcoming all of life into the beauty of who we are. When we join together in unified heart expression, all of life sings a song of praise and celebration, for this is the true beauty and grace of being alive here together on this holy earth. The darkness is the womb which holds all of life. The light is the love that shines within your eyes. The heart of love unifies this global family in a song of celebration and delight.

So there you have it.


In the balance of mind and heart, we clear the way for our heart to shine forth, so we can truly celebrate the joys of being alive together around the hearth of love.

I love you all very much. Life is such a precious gift.

Many Blessings,

guru D

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