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Greetings Dear Ones

The veil is thinning between the worlds of spirit and matter. What was once inaccessible to the common person is now open to all to receive. You are divine in nature. You are God in form. Your spiritual essence is flowing into your everyday reality. You cannot separate this awareness any more. The spiritual reality is upon us. We are spirit in form. We are form expanding into spiritual reality. The bridge into higher consciousness has been established in the heart of humanity. We have reunited this ancient capacity to be living in the world as cocreative expressions of divine love. We are all one family living in this cocreative dream. The light of consciousness dawns within us as we step into the energy of the new. In the fertile darkness of our unique soulful essence rests the divine destiny of each heart. It is this seed of potential that lies waiting within you. This seed is your tree of life. It is your unique gift to offer the world. You must nourish this seed with the energy of your higher self. With this light of consciousness you must reach into the darkest depths of your soul and activate this potential within you. It is here right now. The bridge to higher consciousness is open and the light of your divine nature flows within you. Open your mind and receive the infinite wisdom that is available to you. Open your heart and receive the endless loving grace of your divinity. Open your soul and step into the full power of what you really are and what you came here to be. The old energy of your story and past is no longer what you are. The density of old paradigm realities that live within you must be allowed to be transmuted and transformed into the light of the new. This seed of your potential cannot flower and bloom as long as you insist on holding onto old energies ideas of yourself and the world around you. Are you willing to release this density right now? Are you willing to be free? You must be ready from the depths of your soul. For we cannot do the work for you. The light of consciousness within you is the only key that can open your heart to the infinite love of what you are. As it flows within you, raining down from the heavens above, the wisdom love energy of your divine potential fills your whole being. Welcome in your density and embrace the flow of loving light. As you release all that no longer serves you, you expand deeper into the true nature of your being. That is why you are here. The bridge is open. Walk upon it and step into the new reality that has been prepared for you.

We are all here together.
The divine family of loving light is right here within you.
Seek no more for that which you already are.
You are love, the light of consciousness.
You are infinitely free.
You are a cocreative participant in this universal dance.

We love you endlessly.
We are right here within you.
In the heart of love, we are all one.

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