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There are only two states of being at our core experience – Fear and Love. Each of these vibrations can be experienced through a wide spectrum of frequencies of consciousness, but always at the root it is either Fear or Love.

Release the Fear
Be the Love that you are
There is no greater Freedom
There is no greater Power

~ Wisdom from the river this morning

The Power of what you are is rooted in Love. The more you learn to focus on and embody this energy of your higher self, the higher your consciousness and experience in life will rise into divine frequencies of bliss and infinite love. It is a daily practice to return to Love, and to keep returning, learning to stay focused on this vibration so we can become what we really are.

I asked the Compass this morning for a Fear and Love activation and this is what we got.



Often what we desire most is the Fear that is keeping us from experiencing it. Gratitude is a vibration that only lives in Love. When we forget to be grateful, forgetting what is truly most important, we usually have become focused on what we do not want, this is the Fear. The return to source is the return to the Heart of Love. Fear arises when we disconnect from this Heart and shift into only our mind or Lack vibration. Gratitude is the energy of our higher self. It brings us back home.



As you move through the day, staying connected to the world around you – seeing the beauty in all things – is the perfect way to stay in the vibration of gratitude. The birds singing, the light on the trees, the beautiful flowers of spring, the smiles on each others faces, noticing the world around you keeps you connected and in the present moment and in gratitude, which opens the door to Love. The other Key of this activation is about perfect timing, not trying to force things but waiting for the energy to be right, doing what is needed right now, focusing on this moment, noticing the world around you, waiting for the energy to move with you when the time is right.

Good advice for this week as we move into the beauty and energy of the springtime.

All things flow in perfect timing when we stay in Gratitude and Love.

Love and Blessings to you,


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