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Surrendering the mind and dropping into the heart we approach life with reverence and gratitude so the flow of life can create our dreams.

When your power is activated your life flows in an effortless creation of synchronicity and grace. The universal wisdom of our higher self is able to cocreate a beautiful flow in our life all in perfect timing. This power is only alive when we are rooted within the body and in the core essence of our mind. When we are rooted we can feel the aliveness within our body from our head to our toes. We feel grounded, connected, and empowered. Being rooted is not a belief or a practice, it is an experiential reconnection to our true divine self. When we strip all of the beliefs and old patterns of behavior, we open a flow of energy within our body, and we return to the natural aliveness that is our true essence. Fear is the energy thats blocks this free flow of experience. Fear comes in many many forms, but they all are based on beliefs or stories we are telling ourselves about this moment and our lives. When we focus on an old energy fear it pulls this root of consciousness out of it’s fertile ground of potential and blocks the free flow of energy within our body. We then become fixated by this thought which is not really true, it is only a fear. All our energy and power gets drained out of our body by this fear fixation. To release the thought, we need not try and think better thoughts, we need only to drop it and reconnect with the root of consciousness and ground our energy once again. Learning to root stills our mind, releases old patterns of energetic behavior and infuses our being with a loving energy of bliss, peace, and love. We shed all that is not true within us, and our power returns once again.

This is the basic core process of transformation. Releasing the fear over and over again always returning to the root and learning to embody and ground that root within the physical body. This keeps us whole, empowered, connected, and fully alive. The FEAR & LOVE activation in the Crystal Compass is a process to help you accelerate this transformation. We cannot often see the fear we are holding onto and therefore cannot release it. So let’s take a look at the fear & love activation for this week.



We are so close to achieving our dreams. As we get close, we tend to want to jump ahead to the finish line. We want it right now. We want to know that we will succeed, and we will but all in perfect timing. If we forget that ALL OF LIFE IS SACRED then we do not see the blessing in every moment. Approach is a state of being in reverence for all of life. God is within everything and everything is holy. The fear that pushes ahead to reach our goals often pulls us from our core awareness that keeps us rooted within the holy, and we forget that we are God also. If we do not feel reverence for what is right here in our life right now, then we are not really rooted in our essence. When we are rooted we can feel the love of the divine flowing within ourselves and everything around us. To move slowly living in respect for all things brings us back in this holy resonance. It taps us into the eloquence of beauty and grace. Moving in perfect rhythm and flow.



SURRENDER. Oooh the ego hates surrender :) To the separate mind there is nothing worse then surrendering to some force beyond its control. If we are able to drop the energy, drop the story and just be here without an agenda and the need to know, fully trusting in the flow of life, and the wisdom of our higher self and the universal wisdom which contains all of life, we gain access to this root of power once again. It seems counter intuitive to the mind but if we drop our need to know and just trust, we are actually accelerating our process towards our dreams. Surrendering the mind and dropping into the heart we approach life with reverence and gratitude so the flow of life can create our dreams.

Life is so simple and beautiful. When we clear the fear so we can root in our power we literally shift into a higher dimensional reality within ourselves. The higher we rise and the more we ground and root this higher consciousness within the world, the more the energy of our higher self is able to manifest and create in our flow.

So, just let go. Root within the core power of who you are. Walk in the world in reverence seeing the beauty in everything around you. Trust in the timing and wisdom of divine love. All of life is conspiring to help you. Give back to life by offering the eloquence of your essence and your will surely reach your dreams.

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