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Moving from the ego based mind to the soul based consciousness is a process of learning radical trust. Trusting in a reality that is not physical sounds like insanity to the rational mind. The realm of heart and soul does not adhere to the structures and rules of the physical universe. To live in a world of miracles and magic requires a profound shift into trusting our higher self and the process of what we are experiencing right now in this moment. No matter what it is that you are facing in your life right now. There is one simple and profound answer that will solve it all right now. Trust.

Trusting in your higher self, in the universe, in the process, in god, will produce a profound shift in your awareness. Truly trusting means letting go of trying to control what is happening and to allow the moment to unfold as it will. In releasing the resistance to our life we an open an energy of change, solutions, and willingness to arrive. Trust shifts us out of the fear and the stories that we are telling in our mind and into the truth of knowingness in our body and heart. That we are not alone. That divine love is here within our hearts. That we are guided and supported by our highest self. And when we can shift our energy into trusting life, we reconnect with this inner power of knowingness and aliveness. This power is the energy and guidance of our higher self. This power is divine love flowing within our veins. If we are in fear we cannot connect in this way and we cannot feel this love. Being willing to trust shifts us back into this place of connected power.

Trust is not a belief it is a feeling. Trust is shifting our awareness focal point out of the mind so our genius can arrive. When we center in our heart and empower our belly, we root back into the heart of love. Only then can the well of divine love fill us with the knowing that all is well, all is provide for, that we are not alone, and that everything is going to be okay.

Let go of the thoughts. Feel into your body. Allow the loving energy of the divine flow into your heart and infuse your whole being. Connect with your belly and ground your energy into the earth. Connect with the sun above and brings its healing rays down into the earth. Infuse your being with radical trust. All is well in all of creation.

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