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This week I decided to do a FEAR & LOVE for a particular GeneKey. So, I asked the compass which one to focus on and we got 55 - Abundance. This is the power of freedom Key. YES, I love this one!


True abundance is to live as the infinite power of what you really are – Divine presence. As a fully empowered soul alive in human form, the knowingness of our infinite potential and divine nature is not a belief but an embodied experience of divine love and potential – it is what we are.


This power is cultivated and only arrives when we fully arrive. Your presence is your power, a good friend of mine just told me this last week. We must be fully here in the body – rooted in the fire in the belly with open minds and open hearts – if we are to live the full potential of our power. The power of soul is in our soles. When our energy – which is our conscious awareness – is fully rooted within the body and the physical earth, then we are in our power and the world responds to this energy in every way. Our thoughts, feelings, and embodied energy creates the reality we experience. The only reason that we do not experience this most of the time is fear, so let’s take a look at it.



MAGNIFY. The fear of really being in our power, keeps us from being it. To be in our power means taking full responsibility for everything in our experience. We are the creators of our reality. To accept this truth is to accept our failures. We can no longer blame anything in life for where we are right now. The good news is that we can change everything – right now. What we embody in each moment becomes the frequency that we exist within and the world will shift with this new energy. When we access the true power of who we are, the world responds and together we feed this new potential. We come together with the world to empower and create our intentions and dreams. First we empower ourselves by rooting within the body and tuning our frequency to the energy of our intentions. Then, we invite others and the akashic field of consciousness (GOD) to come join this energy.

Did you know that the word GOD comes from the Proto Indo European root word GHUT – which means that which is invoked. God is in the Gut, which means when we root in the belly – the solar plexus – we become one with God. We invoke the power and potential of our creative capacity. What we embody becomes our experience. This is the power of FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE of the 55th Key. We invoke this power of presence and together – you and me and the universal energy – we amplify and magnify our desired results. This is cocreation with the universe. If we are still in fear, we cannot truly access the frequencies of our intentions, we may think positive thoughts, we may even feel it in our heart, but if it’s not in the belly it ain’t gonna happen. Our power is in our Presence, being fully here rooted in the body and in alignment with our higher self wisdom and intention. This is when our power arrives.

It’s the fear of being divine, being GOD, being our true potential that keeps us from truly living this power. God is not out there somewhere, God is what everything is, we have just forgotten this realization, we have forgotten how to tune into the Divine frequency. Fear has separated us from this reality, but the separation is only an illusion, a dream of the mind. Love can help us to shift back into this energy. It’s easy to get out of alignment, we need tools to help us shift the energy and get back into our freedom. So let’s take a look at the LOVE.



HARVEST ~ I am Blessed. Yes you are. We all are. Life is a blessing. Awakening to this power is all about receiving. The power of presence is not something the mind can conjure. The mind has to open up to receiving. We must be willing to submit our thinking mind and hand it over to a higher power. We must welcome in the grace – in gratitude and surrender.

When our mind sees the way God sees us, we open to an infinite blessing of grace. When our hearts open to receive this love we become the Loving Grace of this abundance. When we embody this energy in our belly, we ground this Divine Love within the world. We become the blessings of the universe –where everything is possible and everything is perfect. We embody this true power of being which is the DIVINE PRESENCE of LOVE.

This is what it means to be ROOTED in the HEART of LOVE. Welcoming the abundance of energy that flows down from the heavens. Clearing our minds, opening our hearts, and embodying this energy. We empower ourselves and the world around us. Together we MAGNIFY the potential of cocreative intentions as we step into a fully empowered cocreative power of FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE. We invoke the power of GOD within the world. We bring heaven to earth. We come fully alive and live the GIFT of who we are. We are free, we are a blessing, we are here, we are love.

That feels pretty good doesn’t it. Do you feel the power of this loving potential here, right now? Do you feel the energy and aliveness of the Love of GOD flowing within you? Even just a spark of this, if you learn to focus on it and magnify it, it will grow. You can step fully into your power, it is the reason you are here on the planet. Welcome this potential and be the gift of who you are. Do not waste another second of this blessed life not living the power of what you are. The time has come to be this LOVE in the world. To be God and see God in everyone and everything. This is true freedom, this is Love.

I love you all, thank you and many blessings,

Dustin e

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