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The silence of winter’s cold chill is upon us. Here in Colorado we are usually blessed with the warmth of our father the sun shining upon us through most of the winter. This light warms my soul even in the coldest of days. This same warmth is available to us in spiritual energy every day no matter the season. The light that flows from the eternal sun flows within all things in the universe, we call it chi, prana, or energy. What we don’t often realize is that this energy is available to us in every moment. The more we learn to align with this energy within ourselves, the more we grow this power of cocreation with the universe. Our energetic heart center is the source of this power, the more we feed it, by aligning our energy, the more this power grows.

Aligning our energy is quite simple, but applying it as a spiritual practice takes effort and dedication. The results are that life becomes a syncronistic flow of effortless manifestations. You see, the energy of our higher self is the guidance that magnetizes our true soul desires. To come into alignment is to align with the wisdom of our higher self. When we do, life unfolds before us in amazing and truly magical ways. If we do not, well I think we all know that experience.

Is it really possible that your higher self is real? If so, is it possible to follow the guidance of the higher self? I can tell you yes, but you have to experience it yourself to discover the truth for yourself. We all must learn this relationship for ourselves.

Alignment is the energetic wisdom of our higher self. When we follow this advise by aligning with the energy in our thoughts, feelings, and actions a new power begins to grow within us. The more we empower this spiritual organ with energy by choosing alignment, the more our life becomes awake and spiritually empowered. Manifesting with the universal energy only comes with a highly empowered spiritual heart. The only way to this higher level of consciousness and cocreation is though alignment. Stay in alignment and you will be walking the path of EFFORTLESS MANIFESTING.

But how to get in alignment and stay in alignment? The Compass is a tool to help you learn how to do just that. The wisdom our higher self is available in more ways than just inside ourselves, the universe itself is consciousness. This is what ask and you shall receive really means. The Compass is a tool for helping you access and align with the guidance within yourself.

I asked the Compass what will help us live in alignment for today. This is what we got.



The mind likes to wonder and get distracted in it’s own stories and beliefs. If we are not aware of what we are thinking, the mind can get lost in our old patterns of behavior. Giving the mind something to do helps bring us back into awareness of ourself and the world. Noticing the world around us, and taking our time, keeps our mind in a state of responsiveness. If we are not aware of the world and of ourselves, we are not in alignment. The more aware we are, the more we will notice those auspicious signs that tell us we are on the right track. Waiting for that ripe moment to take action.



Once our mind is aware and available, we can tune into the energy of the heart to access our feeling guidance. The higher self speaks in energy. Tuning our mind towards feeling in our heart for what feels true, begins to align our mind and heart towards a unified goal. We cannot force our heart to feel any certain way, we can only seek to find thoughts that resonate with our soul. This is how we choose to create from our core. Finds thoughts that feel good in your heart, and stay focused on that. This is aligning the mind with the wisdom of the heart. I am not talking about personal feelings about a situation, I am referring to the feeling the energy of expansion, joy, and freedom of your soul. When your heart feels good, this spiritual heart center within your chest feels light, expansive, alive, and free. When you think thoughts that are not in alignment, this energy will close down in contraction. When you think thoughts that are in alignment with the wisdom energy of your higher self, this energetic feeling opens in your chest. This is guidance. This is flow. This is true power. Learn to focus and follow this energy of higher self intention.



The third center of alignment is in the belly. This is where our power of will is expressed. If you not in alignment in mind and heart, your will is being fed by your ego not your higher self. This will not lead to more spiritual enlightenment but will only produce more of the ego based suffering drama that most of us live in. When the mind and heart become unified in a higher self energetic alignment, the will then becomes empowered by taking inspired action. This inner knowingness within ourselves of mind and heart in unity brings the body into a calm balanced state of being. Thoughts and feelings that are out of alignment with the energetic wisdom of our higher self put us into stress, anxiety and lack within the body. This is the fear state. When we are in fear we are in ego reaction and have no spiritual manifesting power. Most people are in this state most of the time. Getting back in the Love vibration requires only that we find the thought in our mind that resonates and feels expansive in our heart. This will bring the body back into a calm and balanced state of being. Now our genius can arrive, inspired ideas of the perfect action to take will flow in the ripe and perfect time.

Alignment is the doorway into higher spiritual awareness and the power of effortless manifesting. Keeping the mind, heart, and body in an energetic alignment with the energy of the higher self guidance opens a whole new world of potential and cocreation. Learning to be in alignment in every moment empowers this spiritual heart so you can magnetize the life of your soul dreams. It all comes together when you come together in alignment with your higher self.

You are a blessing. You are already perfect. You are already free. Anything less is only the misalignment of energy.

Much love to you all,

Dustin e

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