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Hey Everyone,
I am so excited to be sharing the latest evolution of this beautiful tool. As I think back upon all of the experiences I have had in working with the activations in this Compass I feel very honored to have been its creator. Of course I can’t take credit for the beauty and power of the wisdom of the iChing, but I have the great honor of giving it a new way of being experienced in the world. I have seen many peoples lives changed in an instant because of the wisdom energy that these activations have brought into their life, just when they needed it. It is such a beautiful and powerful system.

The new iamCompass is a completely redesigned experience. I have transformed the codes of the old iChing system into a new mandala of energy healing activations. As you see below the iamCompass is made of the 64 energies of the iChing put into a mandala. The gua of solid and dashed lines from the old have been converted into 1’s and 0’s representing the binary codes of this ancient technology in the modern context. A 1 is the yang energy and a 0 is the yin. Our DNA, computers, and the iChing all use the same language of on and off to create the whole universe. In the heart of it all, we find the I AM, that is our our inner core essence. This is where our power lies, and the iamCompass can you find your I AM.

The image in the Compass below has all 64 codes radiating out from the center. Each code of 6 digits represents one energy of the iChing. This is the core energy of the new iamCompass.

The iamCompass now has 4 modules for helping you align your energy and expand your experience of reality using the positive energy affirmations of the I AM statements and the wisdom energy of the iChing . The modes are ACTIVATE 1, TRIUNE 3, CHAKRA 7 and EXPLORE 64.


This is the simplest of the modules. You set your intention, click the compass to activate an energy, and feel into the energy of the activation you are given. This is energy alignment in its simplest form. The new layout makes for larger and more beautiful mandalas.

As you work with the energies of the iamCompass you will begin to awaken your intuitive intelligence. This innate wisdom within you is waiting for you to wakeup and expand into the fullness of who you really are, so your true genius can be free to be experienced in this life.


COMPANION ENERGIES - Amplify the energy of transformation
You can also take it deeper with the companion energies. This replaces the fear and love functionality from the previous compass. You will find the companion icon in the lower right of every activation you receive. Click this to reveal a companion iChing energy for the intention that you set. These companions are chosen each time you receive a new activation and they are custom to your unique experience.


I love this new feature. Now you get get three activations to work with the energy in your thinking, feeling, and willing centers in your mind, soul, and body. This is a powerful way to work with your energy alignment using the keys of the iChing as a guide. Click each of the areas to receive an activation.


The new iamCompass also shows you the key word for each activation so you can use it to focus and embody each of the energies in sequence. Feel into your mind and think the mind keyword. Feel into your heart and feel the soul keyword, feel into your belly and embody the body keyword.
This is a powerful practice that will grow the I AM power within you the more you practice. This is essential wisdom for how to align your energy in each moment. Your intuition is a powerful energy of cocreation with the universe. As you merge more deeply with this inner I AM, the more you become a powerful creator within the world.


If you are really wanting to work with the energy of your entire being, the Chakra 7 is here to assist. Each of the chakras are represented in the flower of life. Click on a chakra to receive an activation. You can go through them in sequence or explore them as you desire. Your intuition will guide you. The energies of the iChing will activate and align you into your power if you learn how to work with the energy, and allow them to open you to your greater self.


Finally, if you just want to explore the energies of the iChing you can go right to any one of them in the explore 64. Tap on one to open the key activation. You can also swipe to explore through them all in sequence and explore the energies more deeply as a whole.

Well, that’s if for now. I hope you enjoy the new functionality, beauty, and ease of use in the new iamCompass. You can check it out here:


If you love the new iamCompass and find it to be useful in your life, please spread the word. Also if you want to give me some comments and ratings in the app store I would love to hear from you and would be honored.

This version is only on iOS right now, for those of you on android the new app is coming soon!

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped make this possible. I love you.


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I•A•M Compass

an iChing Chakra Energy Oracle system

The I•A•M Compass is a Chakra energy iChing of 64 powerful and beautiful energy mandalas and healing affirmations.
You can learn how to live in alignment in every moment, the I•A•M Compass is a tool to help you live the life your were born to live.

Awakening your Intuitive Intelligence, Healing your Chakras, and Empowering your life is easy when you are in alignment.

Beautiful High Resolution Mandalas, Healing Energy, and Positive Affirmations right on your mobile device!

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