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"Magic is simply a willingness to cooperate with everything!"
~ Carolyn Casey

Magic is in the air. I was working with a client the other day doing a Crystal Compass reading to help him with his relationship with his daughter. We were doing a simple Fear and Love drawing. The Fear card is drawn to help us see what the fear is that is keeping him from experiencing an intimate relationship with his daughter. He chose Healing which is all about healing our heart and reconnecting with our soul. He already knew this intellectually but seeing the card opened up the realization that by mending his own heart he could change his relationship. But then he flipped into his anger and control issues about how worried he was that his daughter was not raising her children in the best ways and how she was always tired and therefore not present and stressed and causing problems and ruining the kids life. This was the fear.


He was motivated by compassion and love for her and her children but he was triggered into a horizontal expression of fear which became anger and controlling. This was only pushing his daughter and grandchildren away, the opposite of what he really wanted.

So then we pulled the Love card to see what energy would bring balance and help him get back into alignment. He drew a card from me, looked at it, and it was so perfectly profound that he threw the card down on the table, laughed, and said, “what’s in these cards, some kind of magic?”

He had drawn Patience - Releasing the need to achieve, Resting in not knowing, I am still.


Initially, the part of himself which was operating in this fear hating seeing this card. But the realization and energy kicked in and his whole body energy changed. He relaxed and laughed at himself and life. He knew in that instant that what was needed most was to be still and not allow this fear to over take him. That in patience he would be able to cultivate the loving relationship that he desired to have instead of trying to control them by acting from his fear. His life changed in that moment. Of course, now he has the work of implementing this realization in practice in his life. But he now has a knowingness and a tool to work with. How amazing.

The wisdom and energy of the Crystal Compass continues to astound and amaze me. What a blessing to be able to work with them and help others wake up into their connection and power. The universe is truly a magical experience when we open to cooperating with everything. Becoming the masters that we are, we learn to flow with the universe. The wisdom, compassion, magic, and love is waiting for us within everyone and everything, in every moment. We only need open to the possibility and see what is really here. Learning to collaborate with everything, life is truly a magical beautiful experience.

Love and blessings to all of you,

Dustin and the Crystal Compass team

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