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I feel it to be a powerful time in the Cosmos with the energy of this new moon and the coming Summer Solstice this weekend. The new Moon always being a good time to set new intentions and the Summer Solstice the apex of the Solar energy in the year.

So I thought I would do a Three Rings of Power reading for working with this energy. These rings are the three main energy centers of our body consciousness and also the core energies of all of creation. These three energies consists of two polar energies and a third energy which is the neutral ground. The solar, lunar and the space in between.

The Solar ( Light ) energy center is the divine masculine energy which is the creative force of the universe. In our body it is the upper energy centered around the head. The Lunar ( Life ) is the Divine Feminine energy centered around the belly button. It is the embodied energy of the physical world. The third energy is the heart ( Love ) which is the force that unites heaven ( Solar - Light ) and earth ( Lunar - Life ) within us. When these three energy centers come into a harmony within our mind ( Light ), body ( Life ) and soul ( Love ) a new expression of self is allowed to be expressed within us. We reconnect with the prime source of what we are. A gate of pure consciousness opens within us which transforms our experience of reality as we have known it in the past. So let’s take a look at what will help us to come into alignment in this powerful time we are in this week.


LIGHT - The upper energy center. Solar Divine Mind.
50 ALCHEMY ~ I am New
The Light Center is the center of Divine Mind. The alchemy is all about transforming the toxicity within the body consciousness energy field. Our state of mind is the result of the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the core beliefs and energies we hold within us. To remove the toxicity of the mind is to remove all of the old thoughts and beliefs which are causing toxicity to be expressed in our life in all forms of dysfunction and disease. Toxic thoughts can destroy every positive intention we try to create in our life. To open the mind and receive the energy of the central sun begins a process of purification of the mind. We do not have to control and cleanse our thoughts if we connect with the core energy of the universe within this upper energy center. Our mind becomes a pure open vessel for this radiance to pour into our being. The loving energy of the Heavenly Father is an energy which will open and purify your mind. To access this you must be willing to feel and connect within your energy body into this upper energy center and allow this light to open within you. Focus on the top of your head with gratitude and intention and allow this energy to open and expand your being. Allow everything to become new within your mind. Become an open vessel of divine creation.


LOVE - The bridge that unites all things. Divine Love.
44 MIRROR ~ I am Compassion
The heart is the bridge the unites heaven and earth. It is also the root and center of our soul. To open our heart to the grace of Divine Love we need only to let all thoughts of separation and lack to fall from our mind. Connecting with the Solar energy above and bringing that energy into our heart we begin to fill up with this loving energy. When our heart is full we can look out into the world with the eyes of Divine Love. We do not need anything external to be complete and therefore we see the world as it is. The universe is a mirror of our consciousness. Everything we see in life is a reflection of what we embody within our field of consciousness. Compassion is the gateway to self liberation. We feel the Love for all of life because it is what we are. As we allow the radiant energy of Divine Love to pour down into our heart and we engage with the world around us in Compassion, this Love radiates out from us, blessing all of life. The mirror begins to glow in harmony with this reflection. We open the doors to infinite Love within all things. Feeling this true essence of what we are and what the world is, the living essence of the Christ Consciousness is birthed into the world once again. We merge with the essence of Divine Love within the heart of the world.


LIFE - The lower energy Center. Lunar Divine Will
40 BALANCE ~ I am Calm
Now that we have united mind and heart in the loving energy of Divine Grace, the path before us is to walk through our life in balance with this divine potential. The power of what we are can only be expressed when we embody this energy within our belly. The roots of Divine Love must be grounded into the physical world if we are to walk in our power. Good thoughts and loving feelings are not enough. If your belly is full of fear then you are not fully alive in this world. Its the balance of mind and heart that opens this third potential of being with the world. When heaven and earth unite Divine Love pours forth throughout the world. Staying calm by staying rooted in the belly keeps our mind, body and soul in an integrated wholeness. Allow the light of divine love to fill your belly releasing all of the fear from your system. This opens our true power and potential in the world. We gain access to infinite wisdom and love and can bring that energy into the world through our actions. Walking the path of beauty we become a blessing to everyone and everything in every moment.

So, simple right :) Just keep you mind clear and connected to the Source energy of Divine Light. Keep you heart full with Divine Love and Walk in a Balanced Flow in relationship with all of life. When life appears to be not what you desire it to be, follow this sequence, connect up to the Solar energy, feel the love in your heart, and ground within the belly button of the world and see what happens. The power of the 3 energies working in unison will shift every relationship and experience back into alignment with your true potential and grace.

Divine Love is the root of all things. Plant your Soul into the heart of the Divine Earth and live the blessing of your True Nature.


So much love and blessings to all of you,


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