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In this new moon of the harvest season, as we move into the equinox and the celebration of the abundance of life, we are so blessed to be alive in the beauty of this world. Just as the seasons roll through in the alignment with the heavens above, so to does our consciousness shift and roll into new states of being with each new day. What was true yesterday is now not alive within us today. The shifting tides of our soul can not be bound by fixed rigid modes of being, we must learn to move with the rhythm of the energy of our soul.

This energy is alive within us in every moment, as it is within all things. To be one with the Tao (the Way) is to move in harmony with the flow of life in each moment. Alignment within our body consciousness is a practice of staying in connection and flow with the way of the world. In every moment we are either in alignment and moving in harmony with the universal flow of guidance or we are out of alignment and struggling with our life.

Simply, alignment is when our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in resonance with our truth in each moment. This truth is a living expression of energy and desire in movement, just like the earth shifting with each season. Living in flow with the Way, life unfolds within us in effortless grace, we play and dance with the rhythms of life, being the love of what we are within the world. Alignment is a felt experience within the body. You can feel the guidance of this flow. This energetic guidance will help you to know when to move, what thought is helpful, what feeling embodies the frequency of where you wish to be. It is the real and tangible knowingness of being one with God and all of life. You are the flow of the Tao when you are in alignment with the energy of your soul.

To help us get into alignment for this equinox weekend I asked the compass for some guidance. I asked for an activation for each of the three main energy centers within our energy field, so we can get them aligned with our Way. Lets look at what we got.



True wisdom arrives when we open our mind to the genius that we each embody. When the mind is awakened and open to receiving the guidance of the higher universal mind, new energies and ideas flow in from this endless wisdom. The mind does not create genius it channels and receives it. Tuning the mind to the divine mind opens the channel of your genius so you can bring that into the world of form. You will know when your genius has arrives for your head with light on fire with energy and vitality. This inspired idea is what you are ready to embody and bring into the world. Allow this vision energy to open and infuse your mind with its feeling genius. Focus your mind and follow the energy.



With your mind now activated with the new potentials of who you are you are ready to bring this energy down into the heart of knowingness. As you let go of needing to control what is arriving in your life, you step into the power of moving with the energy of the Way flowing within you. Your genius is expanding your being. Drop into the knowingness that you are God also and that all of life is in support of your greatness. The flow opens your heart to this greater capacity to be who you are. Trust and faith are vehicles which open you to being one with life. As the flower of life expands within your heart the world opens to your grace. All things are connected within the heart of love. You will know when your heart is alive for it will expand like a flower with the energy of this thinking mind in resonance with the desire of the soul. Feel the energy in your heart and walk in the path of your purpose.



Now your mind is the open source free flow of pure genius and potential. Your heart is expanded in the knowingness of the interconnectedness of all of life. The energy now flows down into your belly where you embody the frequency of your genius, thus creating the world you embody. Already complete, everything in perfect flow and harmony. The Way of wisdom is to be in alignment with the perfection of what is. As you embody a new frequency of being, in each moment, that is in alignment with this open source potential, all of life flows with this power. You are the power of your Soul living as God within the world. In each moment accessing the thought and the feelings of the flow of energy that bring you into greater alignment with the Way brings you deeper into the true resonance of your divine Self. Life is this beauty. You are this divine essence. Love is the source and the flow of life. All is perfect in all of creation. Feel the energy of your soul alive within your belly and ground into this new reality.

Follow this flow and live the gift of who you are, divine cocreative expression of love.

I love you all, you are amazing and beautiful…

Dustin e

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