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Hello Crystal Family, Its Dustin. I asked the Compass for a Fear and Love activation for us for this week. It’s essence is about being simple and honoring all life.



The fear energy is not necessarily something we are afraid of, although it can be, but really it means we are stuck in the shadow frequency of this Key. In the shadow we think of being humble and simple as boring and unfulfilling. In truth our Soul comes alive when we humble our minds into the present moment. Loving what is right here and right now brings us into the simple recognition of what is already here. The world comes alive in it’s fullness and majesty when we stay deeply connected to the simple essence of I am.



Once we have reconnected with our true self then we can begin to see the truth within each other and all of life. It is only when we are truly rooted in who we are that we let go of trying to control ourselves and the external world. We begin to see the beauty in all things. Honoring the beauty within ourselves we love and honor the beauty within all things. This is the Grace of Namaste – The Divine in me honors and blesses the Divine in you.

So there you have it for this week. Keeping our Soul alive helps the Soul of the world to thrive in our experience. Remember to keep it simple by loving what is in each moment, honoring yourself and all of life by offering the blessings of Namaste.

Much love and blessings to all of you, Namaste.


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