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Blessings Dear Family,

There is much turmoil in the darkness arising within our lives right now. The energy has been amped up so that all of the darkness in our shadows can be purified by the light of consciousness. If we run from the pain into our usual methods of avoidance and escape, we miss a great opportunity to cleanse and heal the energies within our field. We miss the opportunity to become more of the God beings that we are. When we embody God, we empower every moment with the light of divine love.

I have been working on my book and the creation of a course that I will be teaching soon which is all about the embody. The embody is the ElectroMagnetic Body Field, also known as the energy body, the soul, and many other names. The embody is a energetic field which surrounds our physical body, and it is the energy which creates everything we experience as reality. To embody God is to expand our awareness from the limited reality that is confined within the physical body only and into the expansion of consciousness as an embodied expression of the divine.

If you have had awakenings in your life to your true essence but are still suffering in the darkness of your own chaos and the separation from your true power as a divine cocreative being, it is because you have not learned how to embody your awakening. This is a process and a technology of consciousness that I have been guided to understand and live as the truth of reality. I am now ready to begin sharing this information with the world through teaching about the embody, how it functions, and how we can use it to embody our awakening, and embody God.

I asked the Compass this morning what energy would help the collective to more deeply embody God today. We got LOVE, of course :)


You see God is Love. The energy that flows through all things, and that we are in our core, is LOVE. The doorway into the embody is in the heart. When we are rooted in the heart of love we reconnect with the core energy within ourselves. This heart is the central nucleus of our embody. The embody is a field of awareness that surrounds our being like a bubble of energetic light. The heart is the center of this energy field. When we center in the heart, focusing our thinking and feeling awareness in the heart, we merge the different aspects of self into a unified I AM presence. The I AM is love. The I AM is the freedom to be and express what ever you desire to be in each moment. What you focus on with your thoughts and feelings within the embody becomes what you create and embody in the world. This creates the frequency of what you are, and what you attract to you in life. What you embody becomes your reality.

Over the years as I learned more deeply about working with intentions and cocreation with the universe, I slowly began to turn my attention on embodying god. The love of God has become the most important thing in my life. The Crystal Compass is a tool that was born out of that love. As I turned my desire towards knowing God in each moment, I become more embodied in the love of God. We are God beings in our core. I wanted to create a tool that would help others to reconnect with this within themselves. The guidance that comes through this system is the guidance of higher wisdom and love. It leads us back into the true power of what we really are. The love we feel for each other and all of life is this same essence. When we learn how to embody and focus on this energy, it expands within our energy field of awareness until we become the living expression of this divine essence in the world.

I still experience the darkness of my own shadows in life. But I do not suffer in them for long. KEEP CALM and EMBODY GOD has become a mantra that brings me back into this core essence of power and transformation within. The darkness cannot have power over us when we are one with the light. Welcoming in the energy of our suffering, while rooted in the heart of love, brings that light into our darkness, or brings that darkness into our light. The love that flows through our veins is the energy of God, which heals and unites all things. The embody is our true essence. It is the christ consciousness. It is the crystal body of clear awareness of our divine nature. We are God beings living within a human experience. In the expansion of consciousness we merge the limited human ego self with the divine self and embody the truth power and potential of this divine marriage. In this union all things are healed, all things are one, all things are love.

Asking the Compass to help you by showing you the FEAR that is keeping you stuck in old energies and the LOVE that can bring you back into wholeness, is a part of the learning of how to embody God in each moment. She is right here, he is what we are. We are not alone in this universe. The divine loving light flows within all things in all moments.

If you are interested in knowing more about the embody and how it can help you ease your suffering and empower your life, please connect with me and share. I am here to help others embody their awakening and to merge with this higher consciousness that we are.

I love you all, more to come soon. Blessings,

dustin eli brunson

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