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For many years now I have suffered with this ongoing sadness and depression. Most of the time I have no idea what is about. There are no specific thoughts or reasons for my suffering sadness, it is just there. I used to try to analyze it, figure it out, and fix it so it would not come around any more. But it always came back. During this same time in my life I was falling deeply into this connection with divine love. I would connect with this internal energy of the presence of God within, which would fill me with incredible feelings of ecstasy and bliss for no reason at all. This connection has been an ongoing conversation, a learning of many years, of how to access, radiate, and embody this energy. Cultivating our capacity to embody the energy of divine love is the reason we are here in this body.

One day I began to realize that whenever this sadness was there it was because I had disconnected this internal connection to the source of energy. Somehow we can be alive and here in the body but not fully connected to this I am presence of energy which we call God. So instead of trying to figure out the sadness or get rid of it by focusing on other things I would use it a guidance system. Whenever I noticed the depression arising I would look at my thoughts and feel what was arising in my body. I would focus in my heart and reconnect with this flow of energy. Feeling up to the top of my head I would reconnect with the solar energy center and then feeling down into my belly and roots I would reconnect with the lunar energy center. Feeling my way through the body from heart up to the top of the head then down into the heart and down into my belly and feet, then back up again. I call this ROOTING. After many years of practice this only takes a moment now to return to the heart of love. When I do, the sadness disappears and is replace by the peaceful presence of just being here. What follows is the overwhelming bliss and joy of divine love. It flows down through my head into my heart and radiates down and out through my belly and roots. I know I am loved. I know I am love.

Most of the time now, I practice this internal body awareness of always being aware of my body from head to toe. If I am connected then I am in my power. I feel alive, present, confident, peaceful, loving, and excited about what ever it is that I am doing and creating in my life. Whenever I feel this sadness arising I know that it means I have disconnected, and the only solution is to get Rooted in the heart of love again. Then life flows in this ease and grace of syncronicity and love. The power of I am effects everything about our experience in life. It effects every person I meet and everything I do.

This is what inspired me to create the Crystal Compass. I used the I Ching for many years and I began to see the same potential that it has to bring us into our power. In every moment we are either disconnected and living some sort of dysfunction or dissonant experience of self, or we are connected to our power and are living the truth of who we are. The key activations of the Compass are energies of consciousness that when used with intention can offer us the energy and guidance to reconnect with this power which exists within the heart of love. The expansion of energy from heart up to the heavens and down to the earth, is the power that lies within the heart of the Compass. It is a tool that is aligned with the guidance and energy of the universal source of divine love, which is God.

In working with the Compass you are working with your higher Self. In learning how to access the energy of you higher self you are learning how to Root in the heart of love. The more you do so the higher your frequency of being will rise into the heights of divine ecstasy and love. The path of the heart and following the guidance of our soul leads us directly into the energy and presence of divine love, until we become that love.

The fastest way to access this power is to ask the Compass – What do I need to get connected to my power right now? Then choose an activation either with a card or with the APP. It will always be accurate and it will always point you back into your power if you are willing to receive and to connect with the truth of who you are within. Then keep coming back and asking again. Do it everyday. Do it several times a day. Do it whenever you notice, hey I think maybe I am not in my power again. Our energy is always shifting and we need the constant reminders to get us back into our power so we can truly be of service to our life and to the world.

The heart of love is the heart of the universe. It is right here within you. It is right here within me. The heart of God is alive within all things. We are all connected. We are this love. Just stay rooted in the heart of love and all will flow in perfection, ease, and grace.

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Love and blessings to all of you,

Dustin e

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