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The MAGIC is all around us. The new potentials as the cocreative humans that we are, is amplifying in the collective consciousness. We really are waking up together, to what reality really is, and how we can flow with the creative energy in the MAGIC of being fully alive. Yes!!

The key to unlocking the secrets of living your hearts desire is in three magic words; Intention, Intuition, and Inspiration. You could say that everything in the universe is composed of these three ideals. The worlds of thinking, feeling, action, within our field of consciousness, create the internal reality which we embody, which then begins the flow of cocreation, with the world around us. The frequency that we create through thinking INTENTIONS that are in ALIGNMENT with our INTUITION, allows the true genius of INSPIRATION to arrive within our consciousness. When these three worlds unite, the doors of MAGIC open wide. Our job then becomes staying in alignment, as we navigate the journey towards our greatness.

The intentions are the easy part, its easy to think positive thoughts. Many of us have tried to set our intentions but do not always get the results we are desire. The reason is that we have not found intentions that are in alignment with our intuition. Intuition is the inner knowingness of what feels right and good. Its our gut instinct. We just feel it without knowing why. This is beyond feeling because of circumstances. True intuition is direct guidance from the higher self. It is an energy felt in the heart and body. Aligning intentions with intuition requires that a we find thoughts that make us feel energetically expansive, joyful, and free. A thought that is in alignment, feels good in the body. It is this inner knowingness that is our guide. This is called intuitive intelligence. The more you tune your mind into the feeling wisdom energy of your higher self in your body, the more you become a master of intuitive intelligence.

This intuitive intelligence opens up the third door of consciousness within you. This is where your genius lives. When you bring the mind in alignment with positive intentions that are in alignment with the intuitive intelligence of the heart, the third key of inspiration is activated. Your genius arrives through this open door and the gifts of inspiration begin to flow. When you are in tune to your genius, you always know exactly what action to take and when to take it. Only in this now moment, will you find inspired action. Living fully in this aligned state of being, as a vessel of your own innate divine nature, you become magic in expression. This is the true gift of living as you; fully, alive, aligned, divine, inspired, cocreating, love, joy, and freedom. You live on fire with the passion of your soul in love with all of life. The doors of magic open wide and life welcomes you into the party. This is why we are here. This is what life is.

Now the hard part is really learning to feel this intelligence within you. It is energetic alignment. It is not something you force or create, it is something your learn to become. If you want some guidance the iamCompass is here to help. I am evolving the Crystal Compass into the iamCompass, I have been in the labs of genius for a while now brewing up the next evolution of this offering. So look so for updates to the website and apps!! I am super excited about it, I am on fire!

Let’s take a look at what the iamCompass says today about diving deeply into the MAGIC today. This is a Triune activation reading. The TRIUNE brings you into perfect alignment with your life right now. You will be able to do this as a new module in the new iamCompass app when it is ready.



Magic arrives when we humble ourselves to this greater power within us. Loving what is, opens us to Is-ing what we love. If we cannot love what is right here in front of us, then we cannot open the doors of magic and create what we truly love. To just simply be love, opens us to everything. This turns our mind towards a positive state of acceptance, peace, and then empowerment. We must find the peace so we can open the power of our true presence.



Expand your heart into the infinite potential of the universal energy flow. Your intuition is the energy guidance of your higher self. This higher self wisdom is infinite in its potential, it knows no boundaries. Allow yourself to expand into a world of endless wonder. You have opened your mind to loving what is, now open your heart to what could be. Feel into a positive future that brings you alive with expanded joyful excitement. Open to this new energy and feel the intention merging with the intuition. The future now is becoming the embodied now. You are creating this reality within you as you embody the energy of this expansion. What thoughts arrive when you allow yourself to feel this potential?

INSPIRATION: The embodied energy


Everything is already perfect, just as it is. You are already that. You are everything. You have opened your mind into the love of what is, you have expanded your energy into the infinite dreams of your intuitive intelligence and created the reality within you. You have done the work. You have created the future ideals into a now reality. Within you. Has the world around you changed? It will not seem so, but inside you have embodied a new reality. If you stay in alignment with this energy the world will begin to move and flow in response to this. You will begin to receive inspired ideas and an inner knowingness of what action to take. Just follow the resonance of this energy. The magic we begin to arrive. Watch for the signs of syncronicity, it is the universe saying, we hear you and we love you.

Much love to you all, you are perfect and amazing. Trust in the MAGIC

dustin e

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