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The simple answer to every problem you ever have is energetic alignment. Now I am not saying that you can solve everything in your life in an instant, but you can change your relationship to what you are experiencing, and only when you do that, can real change occur. This is what alignment is about, changing your inner energy so you are in alignment with where you want to go, and what you really are, instead of reacting to what you are experiencing in life, right now.

You see, being in alignment just feels good. All suffering, in all of its manifestations, is the result of being out of alignment with what is really true for you. Each of us has the power within ourselves to choose the internal experience of what we wish to create in our life despite the external circumstances we face in our life. Once we realize that we are in charge of our internal state of being, we have taken a huge step into our power and true potential as conscious cocreators in the universe.

It’s easy to know if you are out of alignment because you will feel bad. All issues that you will ever face will always fall into four main categories. It will either be an issue with your body and health, your emotions and relationships, thoughts, money and work, or a spiritual dilemma. It is always about the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual relationships to life. So to begin your healing you must do three things.

With either a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue.
Just taking a moment to see that the reason you feel horrible is because of one of these main issues gives you a little space from it.

When you feel bad it is because you believe something right now that is not really true for you. This means you are having thoughts about something that your higher self wisdom does not think is true and therefore you are feeling bad. Thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with your power will always feel good. Thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with your power will always feel bad. ALWAYS! It is never the circumstances in your life which feel bad, but it is your thoughts about it that do. So what are you telling yourself about this issue right now that is not true?

It can be hard when we are in our suffering to change our thoughts. They come with the energy of what we are creating in the moment. The best way to come into alignment is to focus on your heart with your mind and feel into your heart center while doing relaxing breathing. Keep focusing your mind in your heart and feeling what is alive there. Feel your breath, feel your heart beating, feel for any tingling or energy or heat. Keep bringing your mind to your heart and feeling, while breathing and relaxing. Do not allow yourself to keep thinking the thoughts that feel bad. Keep bringing your mind back to your heart. Keep doing this until a good thought or feeling arrives about this issue. It can be anything but you will know it when you feel good. Maybe only a little good, but GOOD. Now focus on that thought, and allow the good feeling to expand in your body. Perhaps now you can have an even better thought which feels even better, go with it. Keep going till you come back into the highest feeling vibration that you can. Keep going to till you feel good. Now you are back in alignment with your power.

Now what you need to do is follow the energy and guidance of good feeling thoughts. Alignment is an alive energy in every moment. Your higher self wisdom is available in every moment. When you feel good you are in alignment when you feel bad it is because you are believing something that is not true to your higher self. Use any bad feelings that arise as a tool to 1) STOP and recognize you are suffering, feeling bad. 2) Ask yourself what are you believing right now. 3) What can you believe that feels better. This is a simple and direct practice that will lead you into the path of your greatest awakening and alignment with your power and purpose in the world.

Now if you need help seeing what you are believing in each moment, or help to see some good thoughts you can think right now. The Crystal Compass is the perfect tool to help you. You can always consult the Compass for guidance and it can help you to find your way back into your power, in every moment. Visit http://crystalactivations.com and use the compass for FREE.

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