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I am sending you healing blessings of love and gratitude. I truly hope that you all know how loved you are and that you are an amazing and deeply powerful being. We are all creators within this universal reality. My desire and intention with all that I do through these transmissions, is to inspire this power of love and potential within you.

There are four truths that were given to me by the guiding essence. They came as an answer to a prayer to life, where I was asking for a simple way to help raise the frequency of humanity. You see, once you awaken to the higher nature, you see and feel all of the suffering that others live within and you know that there is a way out and a more empowered and beautiful way to live. You want everyone to know what you know. Sharing this wisdom and helping others along the path is not easy. Being human can be messy, and the rigid fixations of conditioned behaviors can be hard to break through. The energy of limited consciousness is sort of a dominating field within the collective. When you break free from this field of limitation a great power of love, freedom and bliss explodes through you and you see the light of a new dawn. It is a wonderful journey to discover the true freedom that lies within each one of us. I am here to help you, and anyone who wants this freedom, to live it more fully and deeply every day.

So, these truths came to me in the most direct and intimate communication that I have had with divine intelligence. You really can hear the voice of God and feel this love within you. This loving family of divine beings are here supporting us in every moment, in every way. When we reach out and ask for help, life responds. Reality is a field of intelligent consciousness. We are immersed within this consciousness. It is the basis of all reality. The ground of all being in this energetic intelligence. The more you awaken to the truth of what you, are the more that you have access to and merge within this higher frequency intelligence of source.

In case you missed it, the first Sacred truth is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This loving divine intelligence is the fabric of all existence and lives within and as you. You have access to this wisdom within you through higher self guidance. Learning to feel when you are in alignment of thought, feeling, and action brings you ever more deeply into this higher awareness.

The Second Sacred Truth is that YOU ARE ALWAYS CHOOSING HOW YOU FEEL IN EACH MOMENT. This truth begins your journey of self empowerment. The more deeply that you accept and live from this truth, the more empowered you become in your capacity as a creator. Your state of being is the most important asset that you have. You energy field effects the world around you. If you are not in charge of how you feel, then you are a victim to life. Nothing in reality can ever make you feel anything. It is only your definition of experiences which determines how you feel. Life happens, you decide how you feel about it. When you are unconscious of this, you blame the world for how you feel. It seems like this is true. Someone says or does something, this makes you feel bad or happy. This happens to you and you feel great. That happens to you and you feel horrible. You are the chooser. You define what to feel inside of your field no matter what the external situation. As you begin to shift your definitions of experiences into what you choose, you begin to empower this inner core of self love. This inner power grows the more you give it attention. You are the creator of your experience. What you embody within becomes your reality. Stop blaming the world and become what you are.

The easy path to this empowerment goes like this. DROP THE STORY AND FEEL THE ENERGY. All experience, all feelings, all drama, is energy in movement. If you do not tell yourself stories about why it is here, or why you must feel a certain way about it, or why you must stop it from happening, but instead just feel the energy of it flowing within you. Anger and bliss can become the same thing. Lack and freedom can become the same thing. The energy is flowing within you. You get to decide how you define it. The more you choose to be the power of choice within, the more you will awaken this sleeping giant with you.

You are a powerful cocreative being. Practice feeling the energy and choosing how you feel. Focus your awareness in your heart and still the mind. Drop the story, feeling the energy. Choose the frequency that you wish to experience and keep focusing on creating that no matter what else arrives. Dominate the frequency of your experience. You are the I AM. Become a master of your state of conscousness. Bring love to whatever shows up within your field. Empower yourself with this gift, and see what comes.

I love you all very much. Many blessings,

Dustin e

May all Beings Be Happy and Free :)

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