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Hologenetic Healing is a process of bringing all of the different aspects of your consciousness back into alignment with your core essence. This allows your true genius and the gift of who you are to emerge into the world. We each have a unique soul blueprint that is ours alone to express within the world. This blueprint is our genius and reason for being here.

The Hologenetic Profile is a wonderful tool for helping us to realign our energies into our genius. All of the stories, beliefs, and energies that we inherited from our life must be released and transformed into new energies which align with our gift. Otherwise, we are only living other peoples ideas of what we are. Our genius does not come from anything external, it comes from deep within our DNA, our soul energetic blueprint.

There are four main ways we can express this genius. These ways are what I call the four bodies of consciousness. These four aspects of self are found within all religions and traditions around the planet in different forms. They are the four ways that we embody our energy and express ourselves in the world. They are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Each body has a unique energy and purpose for our life. Conversely every problem we even have in life can be simplified down into one of these for areas of life. Here is a simple look at them:

PHYSICAL : Being - Body, earth, health, security, money, home
EMOTIONAL : Feeling - Emotions, relationships, intimacy, expression
MENTAL : Thinking - Mind, beliefs, career, problem solving
SPIRITUAL : Essence - Heart, soul, sacred, purpose, god

How we express ourselves through each of these bodies is unique to each one of us. The hologenetic profile has these key energies in its sequence and they make up the foundation of your being.

The Crystal Compass and your DNA are also based on 4 main elements. These 4 core sets of energies make up all 64 activations in the compass and the 64 codons in your DNA. DNA is composed of GATC. Every codon in your DNA chain is made up of different combinations of these 4 elements, its the same with the Crystal Compass and the I Ching. It is all connected.

The first 4 activations in the Hologenetic Activator are the energies of your unique expression in the world. They are the 4 keys around the outside of the profile. The physical is the first one on top, then emotional on the right, then mental on the left and spiritual on the bottom. This is my profile with the 4 bodies shown.


When I am experiencing dissonance in my life it is usually because one or more of these 4 core aspects of myself are out of alignment energetically from my core truth. Healing comes both from working in my life on all of these areas, staying healthy, feeing my emotions, being intimate, using my mind, being creative, doing work I love, following guidance, being in sacred space, finding purpose and meaning in life, and embodying god. Together they all keep my ego in alignment with my soul so that who I am in the world is a gift of my genius instead of the darkness of my dysfunction. It is an ongoing balance and ever deepening discovery of my self and the true nature of reality.

A very quick way to realign and connect with the core essence of my genius is to focus on each of these key activation energies and embody the quality of their energy. By looking at the mandalas of each activation and saying the keywords I can connect with this part of myself and embody and align to this frequency. In my sequence it goes like this.


I cultivate kindness to myself and others.


I reflect upon my life and take responsibility for my relationships and experiences.


I bring my mind to the well of infinite love in my heart and I am renewed.


I am focused in the energy of my soul intention which is to be love in the world.

WHAT IS YOUR SEQUENCE? and what is the power that will flow in your life as you begin to realign to this hologenetic energy? You can get your profile for FREE at https://genekeys.net/hologenetic-profile/

The more that I am able to actually embody and resonate with these unique frequencies that I am, the more I awaken the true essence of myself. Its a beautiful simple and elegant system of maintaining alignment. The beauty and power that flows from this alignment effects everything in my life in beautiful, amazing, and magical ways.

The Hologenetic Activation Kit is a custom made mandala and the 11 Activations of your sequence. They provide a simple and direct way to activate and realign your energies so you can live the gift of who you are in the world.

You will find more info and can purchase the Kit on my website at https://crystalactivations.com

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