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Do you know your unique energetic blueprint. Your destiny is much more than something you do, it is becoming the unique energetic frequency that is yours alone to be in the world.

The Hologenetic Profile from GeneKeys is an awesome tool that gives your the roadmap to your unique purpose in the world. The profile uses the date, time and place of your birth to give you a precise view of the energies that represent who you are, the unique energy that is your soul blueprint, and the journey of healing and awakening that you are on.

I have created a new tool to help you access this power of your potential, its called the

HOLOGENETIC ACTIVATION KIT - check it out on my homepage, http://www.crystalactivations.com

According to the GeneKeys, we each have a set of 11 unique energies which make up our hologenetic profile. Each of these keys are always operating in either a shadow, gift, or siddhi within our energy consciousness. The frequency of each of our keys in shadow, gift, or siddhi determine the holographic expression of our energy and experience of the world. The state of our energetic frequency determines the vibration we are expressing in the world and thus the reality we are creating and experiencing in each moment.

Learning to tune our frequency into our divine core essence brings about changes in our life that effects everything we do. Dysfunction in our life is the result of living through shadow expressions of our hologenetic profile. To transform our life we must transform the frequency of our keys into alignment with our true gift and power.

When I was creating the Crystal Compass I began seeing the same potential that exits within each key. I could see that there was over and under expressed energies within each key. As I evolved the images and especially the key words for each activation, I was tuning into the core essence of the energy of each key. I was connecting with the energy that would bring about healing and alignment with the self through the expression of each key. The activations have become a energetic tool that can help you to shift the energy from shadow to gift and to siddhi.

When I discovered the GeneKeys hologenetic profile I knew we had an amazing combination. The Hologenetic Profile is your unique roadmap for where you need to focus your energy and raise you frequency in specific areas of your life. The Activations of the Crystal Compass guide you with the energy for how to transform the energy and raise the frequency of your consciousness and live your true gift and purpose in the world.

This is my profile in the new HOLOGENETIC ACTIVATOR


The arrangement of the activations are based on the keys in my hologenetic profile. I have created a new mandala of being that expresses the unique energies of who I am. The colors, the light, and the words all work in harmony with each other to speak the energy of your consciousness.

The first key at the very top is considered my Life’s Work. The key words for this key are
Shadow - Struggle
Gift - Perseverance
Siddhi - Honor

This is the Activation for this Key


I know I am operating in a shadow frequency when I am experiencing struggle in work and connection with the external world. But to shift the energy is not always easy. The energy of the crystal compass activation points me towards the action to take and the energy to feel in order to begin shifting the energetic relationship to my life. When I am in struggle it is because I am not honoring life. Either within myself or the world around me. It is essential that I stay kind with myself and to the world. Honoring the needs of both sides of the equation. Cultivating a life I love by being the truth of who I am in each moment.

The next Key in the sequence is the one on the right, REFLECT. This is the path of my personal evolution in relationship with my work and the external expression of my purpose.

The keywords are:

Shadow - Provocation
Gift - Dynamism
Siddhi - Liberation

This is the Activation


I can see this pattern so much in my life. The core victim in me which is always struggling and feeling attacked and beaten down by the world, I know all too well. This energy has come up over and over again in my life. I see now that the Holographic nature of who I am is never in a fixed state of balance and harmony, but is in constant evolution and flow. The practice of maintaining higher frequencies of energy and grounding in that reality is an ongoing movement of energy and balance. The world is reflecting my state of being, the shadows hidden within my energy field, and the beauty of what I really am. When I am in struggle and provocation it is easy to want to blame the world around me for how I am feeling and what I am experiencing.

I know the truth path of mastery is to allow the energies and engage them fully while rooting in my higher essence. This is the only way to bring about real transformation. By accepting responsibility for my creations and seeking to be kind to myself and others, a new light begins to shed within my consciousness.

I was just going through these energies big time this week. It seemed as if everything was falling apart around me. I can tell when my frequency is dropping because I immediately get tense and angry. Everything started going the wrong way, things breaking, things not working, money issues. I know these energies well, it is the darkness of the victim. Haven’t I cleared them up by now? With all of the awakenings and realizations I have had. I know I am one with the creative essence. I know how to master energy and cocreate with the source of the universe. What the heck is going on. It’s even worse when you know what is really possible in life.

Time to sit in contemplation and allow the energies of the Crystal Compass to guide the way back into the power of hologenetic presence. I use the Keys as a holographic tool for healing and empowerment. Focusing within my body and connecting into the root of consciousness I activate an energy by thinking and feeling CULTIVATE. This activates a particular energy within my field. As I allow the thoughts and feelings of the struggle to be felt I also infuse my being with this energy of kindness and allowance. Energy starts to shift and clear.

Then I focus on the energy of REFLECT. I feel into all of the stories of how I failed in my life over and over again. I allow the victim to be there. I honor you. You have taught me so much. I know the pain of suffering and sadness so well. My energy begins to shift and evolve. I feel the lightness of being working within my energy field. Dedicated to staying rooted in the body and in the experience I allow the light of consciousness to do its work. I know I can make better choices. I know that I am worthy of love. I know that life is showing me how to evolve who I am.

I feel the freedom of the true essence of who I am begin to arise within my being and to ground in my reality. As an energy master I no longer take my cues from the eternal world but I am dedicated to being a being of light within the world. This always requires working with and transforming my darkness by being willing to sit with it and be within the world. Honoring both the dark and light.

I have created a new offering to help you on your journey in this process of evolutionary awakening. The HOLOGENETIC ACTIVATION KIT is a tool that can help you to connect with the energies of your true self so you can raise your frequencies and transform your life.

The toolkit contains a high resolution mandala like the one above custom created for you based on your hologenetic profile from the genekeys plus you will also get the 11 high resolution activations that make up your profile.

You will need to place your order then I will ask for your hologenetic profile so I can create your mandala.

Check out the Crystal Activations homepage and scroll down to the Activation kit for more details.


Living the gift of your core frequency is such a beautiful and amazing experience, I hope this tool will help you to access this energy for yourself so you can be the beautiful being that you already truly are.

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