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It has been a really cool process to explore my hologenetic profile and how the activations of the crystal compass can help work with the energies of our DNA consciousness.

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The profile is an amazing look at the Keys of the I Ching as they relate to our specific DNA encoding based on the time and location of our birth. It is truly a genius divine inspired creation.

As I have been learning about the interpretations of the I Ching that the GeneKeys offer and how they compare with the Crystal Compass, I began to see a relationship for how they work together.

The activations of the compass are simple direct transmissions of the energy of each key. The are the essence of each code. They help us to activate different DNA energies within our being so we can tune ourselves into the highest expression of who we are and who we can be.

This morning I was working with my Life’s Work Sphere in the profile – Honor. I have been struggling with this one, which is funny because the shadow aspect of this sphere is struggle. I was finding it hard to connect with Honor and how that can be my life’s work. This sphere for me has a third line influence of The Changer, meaning my work is about constant newness, not fixed ideas or activities.

But I was finding it hard to really connect with the idea of Honor. The Crystal Compass interpretation of #38 Honor is Cultivate ~ I am Kind.


So I asked the Compass to show me the energy of the Fear that was keeping me from connecting with the Siddhi of Honor.

I got - #6 Bless ~ I am Holy


Am I afraid to be holy, to be a blesser in the world. Is that really a worthy life’s work. These were some of the thoughts coming through my mind. I allowed the energies and thoughts to flow.

Then I asked the Compass what the Love energy is that would activate me into the Siddhi of Honor. It showed me #55 Abundance ~ I am Success.


Richard Rudd the creator of the GeneKeys shares that the energy of the 55th key is the energy of the new earth that we are all shifting into together. It represents the state of consciousness as a unified being within the whole. Fully empowered conscious cocreation with the universal wisdom energy. A radically new expression of what we are as divine human beings. True Freedom of consciousness.

I immediately felt the power of the 55 flow within me. When I connected it with the beauty of blessing the world, of being holy, a new feeling of love, expansion, and gratitude came over me.

I thought of the Dalai Lama who has said that his Religion is kindness. I thought about being Worthy as a Holy being within the world. Then I thought about my name Dustin which means valiant warrior and how the energy of the 38th key is called The Warrior of Light. I thought of the Knight of Disks, a good friend gave me a print of him and said it is who I am. He is a knight who has dropped the battle and is now focused on cultivating a beautiful life. I became infused with the energy of the loving light that I am when I remember who I am. A vision of that warrior, powerful and kind came over me.

This inner knowingness of the grandness of who I am and what I stand for in life infused my being – I am the Love and Beauty of this great earth we are so blessed to call home.

I am a Warrior of Light. I am not here to fight any battles. I am here to cultivate more beauty in the world by being a blessing to everyone and everything in my life.

There is such grace and beauty in this simple realization. There is such Worthiness and Honor in being here to offer Love and Blessings to life. I am here to cultivate a deep relationship with the earth and the community of our soul. It is my gift and my saving grace.

Much love and blessings to all of you,


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