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You are already Love. The higher frequency consciousness that is your true nature is always free and in an endless state of unconditional divine love. It is only your lower self, that most us experience reality through, that does not experience this. If you are suffering and seeking to be free, then you are living through the lens of the limited lower self, always. You can shift your awareness into the higher self in an instant once you become aware that this is possible. For most of us though this is a journey of self discovery and awakening that finally brings us into the awareness of the higher self and eventually fully integrated as lower and higher self in every moment. This is enlightenment.

If your interested in accelerating your awakening, this is possible. The process is more a technology than is commonly understood in the world, it is very practical. Higher consciousness arrives as we bring the energetic aspects of ourselves into alignment with this higher frequency energy. The chakras are the vehicles which bring us either into energetic alignment and moving towards awakening, or out of alignment and into the old energy stories of our conditioned experience.

When in the lower self there are three main Chakras, which we can focus on, to bring us into a higher frequency alignment. They are like the gate keepers of higher consciousness. Each of these three Chakras govern different aspects of our experience of reality. Our choices of thinking, feeling, and doing in the world effect the frequency of each Chakra. The higher and more aligned each becomes the more we able to access and awaken to the higher frequencies of higher consciousness.

The lower self Chakra of the Mind is governed by the throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra governs feelings, and the Solar plexus governs the Will. If our thinking, feeling, and actions are not in alignment with the energy of our higher self we lose energy in each of these Chakras and our experience of reality becomes a lower energy experience of reality.

The Compass can help you bring the energies of these three energy centers into alignment and to keep coming back to alignment. The energies of the 64 I Ching keys are energetic tools which work with the energy of your consciousness to bring into balance and alignment, so you can experience your true reality. The Compass is derived from the I Ching system and is a guide to help you realize this truth within yourself, how to accelerate your awakening, and how learn to live in alignment in each moment.

The energy is always shifting and changing in relationship to life, so the journey is about learning how to be the master of your state of being rather than a victim to your circumstance. As you learn what it feels like to be in alignment you begin to build a muscle that grows in it's capacity and power, the more you use it. This is the path of awakening. The more you use this inner muscle of alignment the more you come into the full power of what you really are.

Sound good? Well then, let’s take a look at a Triune Activation from the Compass of the I Ching energies to work with our three primary Chakras for today.

MIND : The Throat Chakra


The MIRROR is reminding us that we are experiencing that which we perceive in every moment. What you think about the world around you effects the world. It is a mirror. Compassion then becomes a key for coming back into alignment, for it frees you form the judgments of the world. As we open our mind to allowing what is in others, we open ourselves to being true. We become free as we see others as free. The reflection works within us as well, for as we change our thinking, our internal experience of reality changes as well. The mirror is showing us what we need to let go of. Changing your thoughts, finding the thoughts that resonanates with your truth, brings your Throat Chakra into alignment. This awakens your mind to a higher frequency state of being. Compassion expands your soul.

HEART: The Heart Chakra


This I Ching energy is asking us to become the blessing of who we are. To be Holy is to be Whole. To fully expand the energy of our heart is to bless life with who we are. As we open the doors of compassion in our mind we feel into the Love within our heart. Seeing with Compassion we become the Love that is always there within us, and this blesses the world around us. Our heart is a powerful energetic force. When our Heart Chakra is fully empowered we are a magnetic force of love that radiates and effects the world around us. As we give this energy to life by being this Love we offer gifts to life in every moment. We bless the world as the Holy beings that we are.

BODY: The Solar Plexus Chakra


The I Ching energy number 9 is about gathering the energy in close and paying attention to the world right where we are. Often our focus and our actions are spread so far out into the world that we trip over what is right under our feet. Focusing the loving compassion of who we are, right into ourselves, grounds us more fully in the present moment. The Solar plexus Chakra is the center of our power. Like a garden well tended that grows abundant in the fall, our consciousness that is well tuned raises the frequency of our consciousness. Moving slowly keeps us aware of ourselves and life. We see the mirror, we feel the love of what we are, then we take action that is deliberate and helpful. We are safe and grounded in our body. We are home.

So there you have it. Alignment for today is about

Seeing ourselves in others and finding the compassion which opens our Throat Chakra and frees our mind
This opens our HEART chakra to the love that is always there so we can be a blessing in the world
Which grounds us in the power of our Solar Chakra because we feel safe and in love with the world around us

Blessings to all of you,

Dustin e

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