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With the high energy of the Solstice behind us now, as we move into the heat of the summer here are some words of energetic wisdom to work with this week in a FEAR and LOVE activation. I like working with these two energies of fear and love because the compass energies – and everything in the universe – are always operating in polarities in this duality reality. Working with the two polar energies brings us back into the central pillar of our consciousness where true freedom and power reside. When we can engage the fear energy and transmute it with the love energy this third expression of our true nature emerges once again. So lets take a look at them :)



I was dreaming about Trust this morning so not surprising that this came up for the fear activation since everything is connected is this holographic universe. In the dream I was hugging onto my beloved as she was pushing me towards a cliff behind me. I couldn’t see how close she was getting and was afraid but instead of trying to look or stop or control the situation I held her even tighter and said I trust you, I trust you. As I did this I felt the energy of my awareness expand beyond my body into her and into everything in the universe.

This is what trust does for us. The fear of not knowing what will happen can so easily shut our energy down, which limits our potential since reality is a reflection of our state of consciousness. When we can fully let go and trust in the love of the beloved, which is everything, we expand into the fullness of what we are. We merge with this infinite expression of self and know that everything is okay. To trust in God is to trust our own higher self and the beloved who we hold in our life in every moment. Love is always here for us we need only to trust in the flow of life and see what opens for us in this expansion.



When we release the fear and expand into our power something beautiful happens, we become fully ourselves. Our natural state of being is a freedom and clarity of being. Like a clear mountain spring we are pure and simple, a life given force. When we release the fear and our need to control life we open up to living the bliss of who we are. The more we allow this true freedom of expression to flow in our life the more we become the awesome beings that we are. In the love and freeing the fear our bliss arrives so we can be love in the world.

What is it that you are afraid of right now? Take a look at it and feel into the depths of this fear and let it go. Allow yourself to feel the hug of the divine beloved and trust in her wisdom and compassion. You are not alone in this world, you are not alone in this life. As you expand into this trust pay attention to the energy of freedom and love that arrives. What fills you with excitement and passion, what is it that arrives in the love. Follow the energy of your freedom and bliss trusting in the flow of divine love and wisdom, and see what arrives in your life.

Sounds like good wisdom to me :) I love you all.

Blessings, Dustin

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