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4 Simple steps to living your power

God is an experience. When we are connected and living the truth of who we are, we experience an intimate connection within ourselves to the infinite nature of all of reality. This I AM awareness is the source of all that is, God. The power that we all have to create, as the embodied energy of God, is right here within us. We need only learn how to access and use this energy to keep our awareness in connection with this power. When we are this power, we are one with all of life, and everything flows in a harmony of cocreation and syncronicity. Our power is the true potential of our unique soul blueprint and divine destiny. Lucky for you, I have simplified transformation into 4 simple steps to help us to stay activated in this power and transform any so called negative energies back into our true expression, bringing us back into our soul, and living our power. If you want to be God in every moment then you need to keep God R.E.A.L.

The first step in being god is learning how to root into the heart of love. The truth is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are experiencing trauma, drama, pain, and suffering, it is because you have become disconnected from the source of your power. This happens energetically in our body consciousness when we lose connection with the energy of our heart and soul. The moment this happens we feel separate from life and begin searching for ways to feel whole again and are blaming the world for how we feel or are needing something to fix us. The KEY is to reconnect with the heart and ground our soul again. Then our power comes alive and we feel connected to all of life again. Then and only then will we be able to act with true knowingness and power.

The rooting process.

Stop what you are doing. Breathe and focus in your heart center.
Once you feel calmer feel up through your body to the top of your head and connect with the heavens.
Then feel down through your body into your feet and connect with the earth.
Return to your heart and expand your awareness up to the heavens and down into the earth
Feel your heart reconnected and expanded into the true soul power of what you are

The second step is to engage your emotions. This means to feel what you are experiencing right now in this moment without telling stories about it. This means stop thinking. Just feel the energy and stay rooted in the heart of love. This allows the energy of pain, sorrow, grief, anger, depression, and separation to dissolve back into the loving flow of energy and light that is your true power. The truth is that YOU ARE ALWAYS CHOOSING HOW YOU FEEL IN EACH MOMENT. There is noting in life that can make you feel anything, it is always an internal choice to respond to what is happening with thoughts and feelings. If you are not rooted in your power, then you are lost in reaction and not able to choose your state of being. The KEY to transforming energies and clearing negativity, is to be in your power first, then feel into what is arising in this moment. As long as you are rooted when engaging your emotions you can feel them and let them flow through you. This is how you begin the alchemy of true transformation and power. To engage and feel what you are experiencing allows an internal magic to do its work.

Now that you have returned to the truth of who you are, the third step is to create the frequency of your response to life instead of your reaction. To actualize is to embody the energy of what you wish to experience. The truth is that THERE IS NOTHING BUT LOVE. When we root into the heart of love, clearing all old energies and stories, then we return to the power and potential of choosing, embodying and creating any internal state of being we wish. The KEY is to access and embody the love of what we truly are. When we do this we see this same love in everything. Our soul is a power of infinite potential. We can can be whatever our true heart desires. This moves us beyond wishful thinking and into direct embodiment of our soul power of cocreative juice. When we create the reality of what we desire within us first, then the universe can begin to respond to our new vibrational frequency. Actualizing what we LOVE within us as a living reality, right now, we become masters of our state of being and truly powerful cocreators in this dynamic love filled universe.

The final step is to be the living expression of divine love within the world. The more you ROOT, ENGAGE, and ACTUALIZE, the deeper you will fall into the ascended frequencies of divine love. As our vibration rises higher into the power of our unique frequency, we merge with the power of our higher self and soul. Planting our soul into the earth we root this potential in the physical world. We become the very love that we seek. We rise into the frequency of being God in each moment, here on earth. Our minds our infused with the PASSION of what we truly desire. Our bodies are inspired with the POWER of this soul vitality and energy. Our hearts are vibrating in the frequency of our true PURPOSE. We are the living expression of our Divine Destiny as cocreators in the universal dance. We are on fire with the infinite potential of living our dreams while helping the world to THRIVE by living the GIFT of who we really are.

So there you have it. 4 simple steps to transform your life and the world we live in. All you have to do is Root, Engage, and Actualize Love, and you will be Keeping God R.E.A.L. in each and every moment.

If you would like to know more about the rooting process and how to raise your frequency to keep God R.E.A.L, then visit ENDO Academy and check out the Merkaba Mastery Course. In this course I teach the tools and techniques of actualizing your divine destiny.

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