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What is possible when you break free from ALL limitations.

When your mind is clear - you have no limiting beliefs about anything
What you focus upon becomes a possibility

When your heart is open with no restrictions - your energy is open to receive
You can infuse this vision with energetic feelings

When your belly is free from all lack and fear - there is no tension in your body
You ground this potential into the physical world and become the embodiment of this new reality

To release yourself from all energies of the past puts you back into the drivers seat of the universe.

Personal Will and Divine Will merge into this unified expression of self.

What you embody becomes your experience.

If you do not like what you are experiencing, look within yourself to see what energy you are holding.

These old patterns are arising so you can embrace them and release them back into the field – so you can fully be you.

Open your mind, Open your heart, and embody the energy of your SOUL. Then you can truly fly in the freedom of who you really are.

Much love and blessings to you,


iamCompass app

I•A•M Compass

an iChing Chakra Energy Oracle system

The I•A•M Compass is a Chakra energy iChing of 64 powerful and beautiful energy mandalas and healing affirmations.
You can learn how to live in alignment in every moment, the I•A•M Compass is a tool to help you live the life your were born to live.

Awakening your Intuitive Intelligence, Healing your Chakras, and Empowering your life is easy when you are in alignment.

Beautiful High Resolution Mandalas, Healing Energy, and Positive Affirmations right on your mobile device!

Works on phones and tablets. Choose your flavor below.

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