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So often in life it feels as if we are going around in circles. Like we keep trying to change our life but somehow we keep coming around to the same type of circumstances and experiences. It can become such a rut that we do not even expect that anything else is possible. This is the trap of the fear state of being, it keeps us stuck in a repetitive energy experiences. These patterns of behavior are deeply imbedded in our consciousness and mind. They are so subtle and devious that they are nearly imperceptible to our everyday state of being, it is just what we are.

However, what we don’t realize, is that these states of being are actually manifesting powers which keep magnetizing the same experiences in our life. It becomes what we know and expect, even when we are trying to change our life. There is one easy way to get to know these energies and that is by learning to be aware of how we feel.

The energy of fear always is a contraction of our awareness and our power. When we are in it, we always feel like something is lacking, like something is missing, like there is something we have to do in order to feel better. This creates an ongoing longing for that thing which will fix us. It is so subtle and pervasive that it can be hard to even realize that this is the core of why we are behaving as we are, right now.

Perhaps it is easier to contrast this state of being with our natural state of power and aliveness. Love, Joy, freedom, gratitude, and bliss are good words to describe this state of being. You can find the one that feels best to you. You will know when you are living this energy when you feel expanded, excited, passionate, free, and alive. We have all had these times in our life when we feel this. What we did not know is that we can choose to live this way all the time, if we desire it, and if we learn how to master our state of being.

This is where the Crystal Compass can be a great ally in your quest for freedom and self evolution, or to just get you out of your rut.

If you find that there is an issue which you cannot seem to change in your life, you can consult the Compass for guidance and to shift your energy out of Fear and back into Love. Hold the intention about a certain issue by thinking about it and feeling how it effects your life. Then ask out loud what is the Fear and draw a card or click the Compass to receive an activation.

Now, just look at the mandala and the words and allow yourself to think about and notice how these words make you feel. How does this relate to the issue that your are experiencing. Most of the time when working with clients I find that the thing they desire most is the fear card that they draw. A few weeks ago I was working with someone and they were telling me how they had lost their passion and excitement for life. When he drew the Fear card it was Passion. It looked at me in disbelief, out of 64 cards he drew that one. That is the power and potential of this system. As we explored this energy for himself he realized how he had unconscious fears about living his passion and was making choices not based on his passion but based on other factors, money, time, etc. He began to open up to a new perception of himself.

Once you gain an insight or aha about yourself and the nature of the fear your are perpetuating, it is time to draw the Love activation. This is the energy which will help shift your energy our of Fear and back into Love. It is the energy that brings balance and returns you to a state of expansion and potential. Fear and Love are both powerful creative energies in our life. Fear always keeps things the same. Love opens new doors of potential. When we are in excitement and expansion we open ourselves to new energies and potential. We shift out of the old ruts of behavior and allow new energies of creative expression to flow in to our life. We open to a flow with the universe.

The Love activation gives us a key to shift the energy. It gives us something else to focus on doing or being in our life. When we do this, instead of our old patterns, it opens the flow and removes the Fear so when can begin to allow what we really want to flow in. This is energy transformation and healing. The more things in our life that we focus on and shift our energy out of Fear and not Love the more we become the alive, natural, wild, and free beings that we are. Shedding all of the old stories of Fear we shift into higher and higher frequencies of Love. We become who we really are.

If you would like to know more please visit Crystal Activations where you can use the Crystal Compass for free. You can also order the beautiful and magical card deck or mobile APP so you can work with this energies whenever you want.

I am also available for live coaching to shift you out of your rut. You can sign up for a 90 minutes Skype session, where I will guide you back into alignment with your power. You will find a signup on the crystal activations website homepage.

Love and blessings to all of you,

Dustin e Brunson

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