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Good morning Everyone, I am sending so much love to you this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving home from the amazing farm down the road that blesses us with such amazing abundant food with my son and we found this pot of gold.

This amazing double rainbow just over the river and this magical valley was shining in the afternoon rains. What a blessing. We stopped on the side of the road to take in the magic and dream about what is possible in life.

We were listening to one of my new songs that I am writing in the car which is all about finding your true gold. The chorus goes like this:

I’ve been searching my whole life for something that’s always been right here

I’ve been round the world looking just to end up right here

This song is about the power of love and freedom that I have found within myself. It’s this potential to be and create anything that I want and how to truly be a compassionate being in service to all of life.

It’s about becoming a master of myself. Coming home to who and what I really am and the beauty of what is possible in life. In this endless return to love, is the true gold at the end of the rainbow.

When I asked the compass this morning about a FEAR & LOVE activation for this week, it was right in line with this energy, of course, it is a holographic universe after all where everything is connected, and everything is a conversation with God - even you.


Wahoo - I am bliss

The way I found my pot of gold was by learning to follow the guidance of my heart. I use my heart like a compass to lead me in my journey of life. My heart is always right and is always connected to my bliss. They are one and the same. Even when it doesn’t seem like my bliss to my mind, if I follow the wisdom of my heart it always leads me to the perfect situation to expand the evolution of who I am. It always breaks me open to the genius, the bliss, the power, the compassion, the freedom, and the grace of being alive. The path of bliss is a tool that our heart uses to evolve our soul.

If we are in fear around allowing ourselves to listen to our heart and to truly live a life of bliss we lower of vibration down into the frequencies of doubt and despair. Where nothing is exciting and nothing matters. When we find our WAHOO and let it out, then we begin to ride the magic carpet ride into a life of beauty, syncronicity, and grace. Everything in life begins to sync up and flow. We find beauty and love in everything.


Harvest ~ I am blessed

The willingness to follow our highest passion and to be in service to the energy and wisdom our heart, leads us to our divine birthright – our POT OF GOLD. It is always right here. It is the power of what we are. To be masters of ourselves is to rise into the highest frequencies of being and to live as this empowered cocreator in flow with the universe. In the willingness to listen to our heart we open ourselves to receiving the true abundance of our SOUL. They go hand in hand like rainbows and magic.

Every moment that I spend with my son, where we find this portal into the bliss of magic together, is such a blessing. The true abundance is the love we feel when we are together exploring our connection and love for this glorious earth we are so blessed to call home. This is the true Pot of Gold that is always right here. This endless love of life that flows when we open to the magic and mystery of who we are and live that fully alive presence in the world. Such a blessing it is to be alive.

So, sending rainbows and the encouragement for you to look more deeply into your own heart. How can you more fully live your passionate WAHOO? Let it ride. Let go of the fears that are limiting your freedom. This opens the power of your pot of gold. It is always right here, but you must be willing to look within and let it out.

Much love and blessings to you,

dustin e

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