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What a beautiful, powerful, intense summer it has been. As we begin to move towards the end of the summer season this moon pulls us deeply into the power of our intentions and all that is ready to be released from our field. Stepping into the full power of our new reality that we have been desiring to create is a much about releasing old energies as it is about embracing the new.

Embodying a new reality requires that we first clear the energy of the Old stories beliefs and patterns. Once we are clear then we can begin creating the intention energy of the new reality. It begins in the heart with a desire that resonates within our soul. Next we find the idea within the mind that feeds this heart desire. Finally we must feel this thought within our belly as if it is real already. Bringing mind, heart, and body into a unified embodied expression of this heart desire creates the embodied frequency of this new reality into physical expression. We have become the new.

I have a dream of a home for my family. We have been asking for it, setting the intentions for it, and have found the home we love, now we are trying to find a way to make it work.

I asked the compass what do I need to embody in my power to help this dream become a reality. And what is the energy for myself and everyone that this moon is helping us to realize.

What dream are you ready to actualize in your life?

This is a 3 Rings of power reading to bring the mind, body, and soul into resonance with your dream.



Ahh, say no more. The mind always wants to solve the problem right now. Our true power and genius arrives when we free our mind from the need to achieve and fix our life. In the stillness the light of the divine flows into our lives. All good things come to those who wait.



Yes, thank you. Just be Love. When we love what is, we open our energy to the potentials of the new. With a still mind and an open heart we radiate the essence of what we are.



I Love the Crystal Compass. Being home, together. So beautiful. Celebrating life with the people we love. Grounding the essence of who we are in the belly connects us with the earth, with each other, and with all of life. When we are home in our mind, body and soul, we bring heaven to earth. Life flourishes and thrives when we are together. I am home. My dreams are here already.

So blessings of love to all of you, thank you being here. I love you.

Dustin e

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