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There is a war going on everyday in the world. This war is not about land, money, or resources. It is a battle of the inner consciousness and the power of the soul.

You see our soul is a power that is one with the infinite source of all of life. This power has the ability to create everything that your true heart desires. This is actually why you exist, to live a live you truly love. This power can bring about any and every circumstance you need to achieve, learn, and fall in love with the beauty of life. This power is your true wealth. If you learn to use it in service to all life, even yourself, it will reward you with endless joy, freedom, bliss, and love. Our soul desire is to live a life full of passionate vitality, to be fully alive as our unique self in a cocreative dance with all of creation.

But this power has an ever present enemy that is always raging war with our true potential, and that enemy is fear.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR

Now, this enemy is so subtle and ingenious that we usually do not even recognize that we are being manipulated by it. Fear slips in so quietly and disguises itself, like a ninja warrior moving in the shadows, that we do not even see it coming. Before we know it, we have been sabotaged, and our hopes and dreams fall into a pit of drama and chaos once again.

There is one full proof way to recognize this ninja of the darkness. Be aware of your body and pay attention to how you feel in each moment.

When we are in fear, we feel contracted, our body tightens up, we are stressed, worried, doubtful, depressed, angry, and desperate. We feel stuck, with limited options, and are likely to keep manifesting the same life over and over again. This is the loop of our fearful karma drama. This way of being keeps us is in a safe, certain, uninspired, and totally unsoulful life.

When we are in our power we feel expanded, excited, inspired, and hopeful. Life is a wide open expanse of infinite possibilities. We feel connected to all of life. We feel guided by the inspired energy of what brings us even more alive in each moment. Living in our power is a life on fire where we live the gift of who we are in each moment. Life flows in way that is not possible for those living in fear. This subtle difference in our energy within has an immense impact on our ability to manifest and live a life we love.

So, lets look at this again.





You get to choose, yuck or yes, it’s up to you. It seems like an easy choice, but this villain is devious and comes in many disguises. Lucky for us, and by divine design, our body and emotions are the perfect guidance system for keeping us on course towards the life of our dreams. Being in service to life is being in service to our soul. When we feel contracted then we are headed towards our limited old story, yuck. When we feel expanded then we are in our power and living a big fat YES. Living fully alive in an expanded yes and acting from this inspired place in everything we do, life unfolds in a magical ride that fear will never know. Learning to live in flow with the universe we become powerful cocreators of the new earth energy consciousness world where fear is left behind in a wake of beauty.

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