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Blessings Dear Crystal Family,

Here we are once again, moving with the rhythms of the seasons, turning towards the darkness. The fall is always a time of mixed blessings and energies. We are gathering in the rich harvest from all the abundance of life that flows into our experience. While equally at the same time, we are letting go and shedding all that no longer serves our life. The beauty that arises in the glowing colors of fall also gives rise to the grief of all that must be given back in order for life to be renewed once again. This happens within the world around us and within the world within us. For all is this same essence. We are not separate from the grief and beauty of this great earth, and we are not separate from the energetic source that infuses this reality with life.

This morning I asked the compass for the energies that will help us come into greater alignment with this source energy within ourselves. I asked to help us align with the Triune Ray of the three energies. This Triune Ray is a unified experience of the three aspects of self lived in a harmonious expression within.

THE FIRST RAY: The Thinking Mind of the Solar Energy


This energy is asking for us to focus on the home life and family and being at home. Being home within our body and our soul. Our body is the temple of our soul and it is also the doorway back into soul awareness. Often we shift our awareness into the mental realm and forget about our body and soul. When we are only mind we are not at home within ourselves and therefore do not feel at home within our body or our world. We feel disconnected from life even if we are inspired and active in the thinking awareness. Bringing it back home is to turn our mind towards the unity that exists within us and all around us. Turning our attention back on being home within. This shifts our awareness towards a celebration of life, recognizing the beauty that exists all around us. Being together.

THE SECOND RAY - The Feeling heart of the middle earth


This ray is asking for us to bring balance in our energy field. The best way to do this is center our awareness within the heart. When we center into the heart we come into coherence. This brings our mind and our whole physiology into a balanced calm state of being. This brings us home, where we see and feel the connection to all of life again. In the heart we are home. As this remembrance of who we are flowers within our heart it expands out to the fullness of our body. Our whole being expands into this radiance of the heart.

THE THIRD RAY: The embodied soul of the lunar light


NOURISH AND BE FED. Being full in the belly. Allowing the energy of our soul to fully expand and settle down into the depths of our being. Often there is much grief to feel waiting for us there. This grief does not have to hurt, if we only feel what is there without telling stories about it, we allow this grief to rise and our soul to settle. Just as the leaves of beauty fall to the earth and nourish the roots of vitality, so to does our willingness to feel the grief in our belly feed the energy of our soul. For in this willingness to feel into our darkness we expand into our fullness. We become whole and complete once again. We are filled with the infinite love of ourselves. We are fed.

Take a moment now to reunite within to the wholeness of the Soul. Relax and take a breath.

Feel into your head, and up above, while thinking about celebrating life and being together in this family of love.

Together, I am Home

Feel into your heart. Allow your energy to be calm and balanced, centered in this heart of love.

Balanced, I am calm

Feel into your belly and down into the earth. Feel the grief that lies within our darkness. Allow it to rise through you like a river flowing to the ocean. Return to what you really are.

Nourished, I am fed

Feel the energy of the Triune Ray pulsing within you. The solar energy dancing with the lunar within the heart of all creation. This lightning energy of loving light infusing your whole being.

Focus in your heart and expand to the heavens and down into the earth. Be the beauty of what you are.

Now you have been activated into the Triune Ray. As you go about your life today and this week, remember this feeling. When you notice that you are not connected in this way once again, take a moment to breath and reconnect. If you need help ask the compass for an activation to bring you back into alignment. It will always give you what you will need to focus your energy and come back home. The loving wisdom is always available and will always bring you back home if you are willing, but you must make the effort to shift your energy back into alignment. The Triune Ray will fill you up, if you free the space within you and open to receiving this energy.

I love you all very much, blessings


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