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Blessings Divine Crystal Family,

As we move into the darkness of the cold and silent winter there is much to be left behind that it may compost in the fertile darkness of our soul. This is the perfect time to release the old patterns that no longer serve our life and to embrace the emerging potentials that are hiding within the dark recesses of our consciousness. All the pain, suffering, and drama that we have been holding within us can now be released that we may rise back into the higher awareness of the true self. It is always here waiting for us to turn our attention towards it, that it may be able to descend into our lives.

Awakening to our higher self only arrives when we bring the three primary aspects of consciousness into an open alignment of energy and consciousness within our true nature. The limitations of the mind, heart, and body are only old energy stories that do not resonate with the truth of who we are. As we learn to bring mind, heart, and body into alignment with our core truth we reawaken our awareness to our higher self. This higher self is our soul, which lives beyond the confines of our physical body and infuses every aspect of our being. Awakening is expanding our conscious beyond the limitations of the mind, heart, and body worlds and into the expansion of being that is holding and creating these experiences within ourselves. Once we awaken to the higher self our work is not done. This experience of the higher self takes constant awareness and the desire to be in alignment so we can live as this higher self within our daily life experience.

So lets take a look at what the compass tells us this morning about coming back into alignment with our higher self and awakening to this higher frequency of being.

ACTIVATING AWARENESS : Aligning the mind


True awareness is about creating an open view state of being in the mind. Expanding our mind beyond the point of view and into the larger open view of true reality. The mind in itself can not really think anything original or new. It cannot create new energies. The enlightened mind tunes into ideas and potentials and bring those into reality. The open mind of awareness connects within the heart of being to tune into the guidance of the higher self. This guidance comes in the form of energetic wisdom that flows in intuitive feelings or ideas or knowingness. The mind that can tune into guidance in each moment is open to a larger experience of self because it knows that there is more to life than what is perceived only in the mind. You know that you are in open view when life begins to respond to this frequency by bringing syncronicity into your life. These simple moments of syncronicity are signs that you are on the path of higher wisdom. Follow the trail and keep your mind open. Stay in open awareness and follow the flow of inner guidance. Miracles and magic are waiting for you.

ACTIVATING REVERENCE : Aligning the heart


The path of higher self in the heart is an alchemical journey of transformation. The heart of reverence opens us to the wisdom and energy of our higher self, but only if we are clear of the blocks that keeps us hidden from ourselves. Heart alchemy is a powerful process of transformation. Focusing our awareness in our heart activates this higher potential. The more we are able to focus energy within the heart, the more that this higher frequency heart is empowered to transform the energies of the old into the new. A simple practice is to focus and center your energy in the heart. Then focus on the issues in your life you are ready to transform. Keep your awareness focused in the heart while allowing the energies of the old to arise. Do not let go of the heart, keep focusing your energy there and feel what arises. This allows the toxicity of the old to be transformed into the new. Rewiring the energy of your entire being and raising your frequency back into alignment with your higher self. On the other side of all suffering and darkness is the return to the heart of reverence. Awakening brings us back into the deep gratitude for the gift of being alive.

ACTIVATING PRESENCE : Aligning the body


Now we get down deep into the roots to cleanse and clear the way for a new life. Grace comes into our lives when we open our mind and hearts to the energy of our higher self. As we clear away the debris that has been blocking our ability to perceive our higher self, the divine essence of what we are begins to rise into awareness once again. Our divinity descends down into the belly where the power of pure presence awakens the true self. We remember once again what we truly are.

These are powerful times. The energy is ripe for releasing and transforming the old energies of our life and awakening to the higher energy of our true self. The guidance is quite simple.

Open you mind to listening to higher guidance and follow the flow of syncronicity

Connect in your heart so alchemy can transform the old into the new energy

Let go and allow the grace of your divine nature to expand within your belly

You are a beautiful divine being of infinite love and grace.

Much love to all of you,

Dustin e

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