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We were all born to be this freedom. Our true soul nature is a vibrant dynamic expression of self. The consciousness of the mainstream modern world mentality has lost this true freedom of what we really are. But it is still right here within you, and within every human being, as it is the true essence of what we are. The journey of awakening to this higher self is much closer than you might think. It really is right here within us. It is merely a collection of habits, beliefs, energetic blocks, and conditioned ways of being that keep us from realizing this truth within us. Okay that’s a big list of things but even so, it is quite simple. Awakening is about developing this inner awareness of ourselves. This inner awareness becomes a key that opens the doors to higher realities within us.

This inner awareness becomes a tool that you can use to awaken to freedom and to live a life you truly love. For with this freedom of consciousness comes an immense power of cocreation and connection with all of life. As you merge with this inner awareness of self, you merge with the source of life, for this is what you are in your core.

The journey to this awakening is about using this inner awareness to live in alignment with this higher power within you. This power is the truth of being which exists beyond you. Truth exists beyond your ego, which is merely the conditioning which keeps you from your greatness. Alignment is about listening to this larger truth which exists within you. For what is true for you in each moment is always known and available to you as guidance from your higher self. Truth is a feeling that is within you. Not a feeling of like or dislike but a deep inner knowingness of truth.

When you realize truth, you suddenly just know what to do, you know what is, and you know what you are. This realization can happen and needs to happen in very simple small every day ways. You know you have found it when you feel expansive and good. Alignment to truth is like coming home to what you always knew. It’s like the sun rising over the meadows of love at dawn. It shines within the garden of your soul and lights up the world.

When you are struggling, it is merely because you are out of alignment with your truth. You feel it in your body. You know something is not right and you are searching for the answers, almost always outside of you. Like if you can fix your life in some way then you will feel better. But this is not how reality works. Instead of trying the change the world around you, or to fix how you feel, instead focus on finding alignment with a higher truth within you. The truth is guidance from your higher self. It will always lead you exactly where you need to be, and will bring the perfect experiences and situations to bring you closer to real freedom. It wants nothing less but for you to live an amazing beautiful life.

Alignment always involves thinking, feeling, and willing. These are the three primary energies of consciousness. If your thinking is out of alignment with truth, you will feel bad in your body and will begin taking action in the world seeking to fix it. Alignment of these three worlds is the key to everything in life. When you shift your thinking into a thought that feels good and true in your heart, you have found an ideal that your higher self agrees with. You feel it in your body, this inner knowingness of what excites you and inspires you is higher self guidance. This is alignment. Learn to follow it and you will awaken your freedom.

Now often we are so consumed by the conditioning of our limited self that we cannot find this inner truth. Becoming aware of ourselves and what we are thinking, feeling, and doing in each moment begins to break this fixation. So I created a tool, with the help of higher guidance wisdom energy, that can help you to connect with this inner truth within you and to learn to follow its energetic guidance.

The I•A•M Compass is a tool to help you connect with this higher guidance within yourself so you can truly be free. By setting intentions and asking questions of the compass you will receive the guidance that can bring you back into alignment. It does not add anything to you, it merely reflects for you the exact energies that you need to think, feel, and be in order to break free of old conditioning. It is a system of accessing higher guidance. It is a 5D holographic healing system that works with your higher self to help you on your path. The more you work with it and use the guidance to find inner alignment, the more you will begin to live this higher alignment within everything you do. Thinking, feeling, and being you way right into ultimate consciousness.

This is the first key of 4 that I will be sharing with you. The key is:

You are not alone.

The truth of higher guidance wisdom is within you. Inner Awareness of your state of being keeps you in alignment with this higher truth. It is your guidance system. Learn to follow it and a new freedom will begin to dawn within you.

Look for the next three keys to be coming soon. In the meantime practice this Inner Awareness. Notice what you are thinking, feeling, and doing in each moment. Learn to feel when you are in alignment with your own inner guidance of truth. When you feel bad, look at your thoughts, notice how you body is tight. Learn to release it and find a thought that resonates with freedom. It will always feel good.

Consult the I•A•M Compass anytime you notice you are out of alignment. Do the triune activation and feel into each activation it gives you. Learn to become aware of your inner state of being. Learn to bring mind, body, and heart into alignment. You are not alone. Guidance is within you in every moment. It is leading you to more wisdom, love, and power. It is leading you to freedom.

Much love to you all. May all beings be happy and free,

dustin e

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