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Perfect ~ I am That

Good Morning Everyone,

The Activation for this week is PERFECT ~ I am That.

Life is not always easy, nor is it usually perfect in the outward expression of ourselves. The perfection of being however is always present. Everything in our experience is always serving the evolution of our soul and therefore is always perfect.

Every new awakening I have ever had along this journey of enlightenment has always felt like coming home. As we become more of what we really are, we are remembering what we are and letting go of all that we thought was true. The perfection is always here and always waiting to arrive. Already Complete. Right here.

When we drop the stories about why life is not perfect right now and root into the heart of being – the true perfection of wisdom and grace is allowed to flow once again, and we are home.

This perfection happens within the body, it is not just a concept. There is an energetic frequency of being that is our natural resonance. As we learn to expand our heart, open our minds, and relax into our belly we ground into the perfection of the unified field of self, where everything is always perfect, just as it is. This is our natural frequency of being. It always feels whole, expanded, passionate, peaceful, present, and alive.

To seek this grounded awareness of the perfection of life first thing in our day, and in every moment that we realize we have strayed from this root, brings us back to the core being of the I am – Divine Love.

External circumstances that appear to be less than perfect are merely pointers reminding us to look within and reconnect with the source of life itself – the heart of our being. If we are to truly trust the wisdom of our higher self, which is One with God – which is the essence of all things and experiences good and bad in life – for there is nothing but love – then all things are in service to this remembrance.

The perfection of who you are is already present right here. You can feel it. From this deeply rooted place when you look out into the world you will know that I am that also. All things are divine in expression. We are all reflections of this one beautiful expression of divine consciousness. The perfection comes in our willingness to become this gift to the world by being more of what we really are. Rest in this perfection. Everything is already complete. Everything is in perfect flow. There is nothing to do. Root into your essence and stay grounded in this perfection.

Then you will move and flow with your life in perfect harmony, wisdom, beauty, and grace.

Much love and blessings to you all,

Dustin e

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