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2016 I•A•M Synthesis

The I AM is pure source awareness. It is the God essence which lives within all things, as all things. It is what you are. Synthesis is the process of uniting all of the separate energies of self into a unified experience within and without. Synthesis is enlightenment. It is opening oneself to the flow of endless loving light energy that flows within all things. Synthesis is soul living in the fullness of Self. Synthesis reveals the power of the I AM within you.

Synthesis opens the doorway to higher consciousness and brings that energy into the world through the embodied experience of divine oneness. As a clear and open channel of divine love, Synthesis unites the internal and the external into a unified experience of reality. Synthesis is moving in flow with the passion of pure presence. It is an ever changing dynamic state of pure potential and movement with the rhythms of the cosmos.

In Synthesis we are whole and complete within ourselves and intimately connected to and reliant upon the whole. We are a unique expression of the gifts and talents that flow through us, while also recognizing and honoring the unique gift that everything in reality has to offer to the flow of experience.

As a collective consciousness in Synthesis, we are operating in a unified dance of cocreative play within physical manifestation. There is no other, and yet each one, and everything, plays a vital part of this cocreation. When we step into Synthesis we become fully empowered cocreators within the field of intelligence which flows within all things. We play and dance in this rhythm and harmony together. Everything, in every moment, serving this higher evolutionary expression of consciousness.

Synthesis is a new way of being within the world. For no longer are we in competition or struggle with life. No longer do we need the contrast of opposing energies to help us find clarity of purpose and intent. We are the source of creation and the world around us is that source also. In Synthesis we move in rhythm with the energy and flow of life. This is the way of wisdom, love, and power. The world of separation has fallen away. In unity we move forward empowered by the grace of the I AM presence flowing within us, as us. We are the power of I AM to cocreate a world that lives in harmony and beauty when we live in Synthesis.

This is the choice. Synthesis has arrived. As we walk within the world radiating the pure loving presence of I AM – thinking thoughts in harmony with this flow, feeling the love of the divine flowing in our hearts, moving in rhythm with the energies of the cosmos – we move in the synchrony of Synthesis. All things serving the evolution of consciousness. All things serving the beauty of a life well lived. All things flowing in synchronous manifestations of magic and grace. All things working together as empowered cocreative energies serving this higher evolutionary expression of love, light, freedom, and joy.

This is the beauty of Synthesis. A new world is upon us. It is what we have become. We have done the work. We have cleared the energies of the old. Synthesis has opened the potentials for the new world to emerge within the heart of all of humanity. The only work now is to live in this resonance in every moment.

All of the darkness that you see in the world around you is only a reminder that you are out of alignment with your core resonance. Synthesis brings you back into harmony and releases the power of your I AM. Then you need only open your heart to what you experience and allow the loving essence to flow through you. The world is transformed when you live in Synthesis. A united mind, heart, and body heals all things in the world, for you and the world you experience are one and the same.

Everything is serving this evolution. Synthesis opens this higher grace. It shines the loving light of pure consciousness upon all things. It seeks only to evolve and express in new cocreative potentials. This is what we are. This is the new earth. This is Synthesis. This is love.

I love you all. I am here to help you live an amazing life. We are all one consciousness learning to be what we are and to live love more deeply. May all beings be happy and free.

Many Blessings,

dustin e

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